Feel Me Baby Lyrics

[Khari Santiago]
E, niggas thinkin something sweet this year
Let them niggas sleep, we'll creep, they'll keep clear
Let these little rapper cats get outta control
There'll be so many left and right blows and elbows
They'll just fold, some call Khari a UFO
Unidentified Fly Object outta the projects
No gold chain, just cold brain and yo' pain
The Bronx run through my vein, the four train
Foot deep in yo' ass, that's the code name
Wit no shame I sabotage the whole game
Wow, and what you got left
Bout five or six emcees in the Squad of Def
Whoa, E and P fooled y'all niggas
Cuz it's in your crock, flock *Business is Unfinished*
Circus ass nigga, worthless ass nigga
It's curtains wack nigga it's bout to go down

There's some hungry niggas over here
Feel Me Baby
We bring the ruck every year
Feel Me Baby
Y'all niggas wants the hot shit
Feel Me Baby
Yo I'm in the house now y'all
Feel Me Baby

Yo, I grab the mic with Kelly, Rocklands
Boogie down like Chris and start a rockin
The kidnapping style, take the beat for ransom
Ask for a car, some cash, and a mansion
Yeah, you doubt that and I reroute your rap
To ease the "Real Deal Holyfield's" imposter
I make it hard for everybody on your roster
Step to me, glock nine'll stop ya
I love the fame, rap insane
When I come out the block get hot like Lil Wayne
Some cats in awe, amazed by somethin they never seen before
I'm Erick Sermon, uh, go half on it, yeah
I'm more extravagant
Brand new automobile wit darker tint
Sure it's brand new you can tell by the scent
Gettin worse, when the air blow from the vent
Erick, he aint shit, *I'll Be Dat*
Cat, chain hangin down to my kneecap
Yo, I'm like a superhero in rap
Who be that, Zorro, I mark a E in your back, uh

I'm the man now for real
Feel Me Baby
Understand that you heard
Feel Me Baby
Def Squad 2000
Feel Me Baby
Next up, it's the Philly nigga over here
Feel Me Baby

[Sy Scott]
Sy blaze all guests makin it heated like August in Augusta
Packin like paxson in a pac ten crusher like bonecrusher
Benjamins for no benjamins been jammin dependin jam in
On any reggie hand is off like lamb skin
For half a man I slice a whole man into a half a man again
When I owe I still collect
When I call it's always collect
A cool lecture wreck your sector
Set for to select raw, rip through they vest like raptor
For the records they recall
For real, for real like stop playin
Stop playin like naw don't believe what he's sayin
Get cut off like extra pounds on boxes at the way in
Kill that like gay men relatin to straight men
Untouchable like Made Men
Made Men [this faggot motherf*cker is mumbling]
wages the war wage in like who
It comes to the shit I'm like who
In the battle you're like who, like who, achoo
Tell Ox not to show what not to do
Lord they know not what they do, but they know what not to do
The idea, ideal, niggas have no idea how I deal through rhyme skill
What, aint no more to it, keep it movin

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Record Label(s): 2000 Geffen Records
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