More Than You Lyrics

All these problems, they're all in my head,
Pulling me back from what I still had,
I need to let it go, cause I want to fly so high and
touch the sky.

[Verse 1]

Only one time that you ever left,
You came right back damn stole my cigarette,
Beautiful, f**k the secrets and everything else that I
had kept,
Ain't going unless you coming too,
What the f**k put you in this awful mood,
Bitching and whining, while I sit back now on my dinner
Paying this money but you still lying,
Really don't know what the f**k you need,
You came right in and we had a feast,
You turned your back on me, started going off like you
on a leash,
But I'm cold as f**k and I don't know,
I'm Cassius Clay, I'm in the right mode,
To kill anybody up under me,
And Ima come back strong with the company,
The team and anybody that I had,
From the player all the way to the family man,
Anybody else that wanna join,
You're free to come any day of the week,
You over me like I'm still weak,
But you a lil bitch and a damn freak,
Things moving too fast up shits creek,
But I'm moving out, do you feel me?
Had to really get my dough right,
Not ready for this f**ken new life,
Till I get everything go right in order,
Dunno how to feel if I'm getting a daughter,
Rather have a son that I could teach,
About the value of life,
Everybody knows it's a far reach,
But I'm willing to do it right, bitch.

All these problems, they're all in my head,
Pulling me back from what I still had,
I need to let it go, cause I want to fly so high and
touch the sky.

[Verse 2]
Should I slow it down for the 2nd verse?
Or do you understand what the f**k I do,
I'm not the only man that came up first,
Off of some bullshit that she made worst,
What the f**k are we doing next,
Should I come up in my own way?
Everybody wanna be the best,
But I gotta be cold like Kanye,
Call him up next Friday,
So he can hit me up with a brand new beat,
So I blow up on this goddamn street
And make it outta this goddamn heat
Take me somewhere that's cold and snows,
Shower me with these old boats and hoes,
Everybody really want the fame,
Even though they don't got talent,
Please never ever forget my name,
Even though my grind's apparent,
I had to really come up in this worldvwithout a gun and
I'm not tatted
Made a few mistakes with my word and I ended up getting
And I really learnt from that shit again,
That I really do need you as a friend,
Maybe it's excessive and corrupted,
Never doing it while disrupted,
Just cross my arms and pray to the Lord,
And everything will be alright I'm told,
Look up to the sky, he's looking at me,
I could never tell how he appeared to be,
Seemed to care and I just know,
He'll take care of me when I'm still old.

[Chorus x2]

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