Honourable Mention Lyrics

[Verse 1]

They say life is short, but I don't really f**k with
I make it to the top and they still crying for their
mummy back,
I work really hard, don't care about those other
Who beat me up and robbed me when I really had no ends,
I was born without shit and still haven't got it,
I led you to believe that I was glorious without it,
When I was just a kid full of lonleyness and doubtless,
I came up and I never cared about these f**ken
But now that's all I want from this low income housing,
Following my own bitch who really ain't about it,
But we gon' make it work, and it's gon' pay off nicely,
But there's just this one thing that I'm really wishing
Going to New York just to see the real damn score,
Sideline seats when Miami gon' kill they ass,
Bron triple double then he gon' leave real fast,
And I just wanna be myself and never ever dash,
And that's the only way, that I could ever get paid,
f**k bootleg liqour that ain't the right way,
Everything that used to be legal is now bad,
Get the lawyer on the case, pack a suitcase and bag and
I'm out.

[Chorus x2]

A real real hustle, a real damn hustle,
Everybody do it like they all Bill Russell,
I don't hustle hard, I hustle real smart,
People still owe me money even when it's dark.

[Verse 2]

And then I get it quick, these bitches all up on my
Just wanna be my own man and Ima just call it quits,
Bitches used to say that all men are the same,
That we just greedy and we never ever seek change,
But f**k it all when I'm in this awful rage,
Leave me the f**k alone while I contemplate,
Or masturbate, whatever it is,
You holding it down for your city, don't know where it
And I'm sorry if I direspected you and the kid,
But I had to, speaking my mind is the only way,
Slay from far away like Biggie said and I'm amazed,
Going out for the day and coming back at night,
While I hustle all the time without a sign of life,
And we just do it right, do it really raw,
Watching Pornos on the iPad man you really saw,
Verse after verse, yeah I really do that f**ken work,
Don't get a lot of money but I'm really gonna make it
And that's all fine with me, if it's all really fine
with you,
Done with movies, dinner dates just tryna impress you,
Damn I'm f**ken special, came from circumstances,
Was in the War tryna hide from the advances,
Yeah that's really cool till the day you finally die,
So what's the point of the hustle as time flies by then
you gone.

[Chorus x2]

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