Guitar Gently Weeps Lyrics

[Verse 1]

Man I gotta tell you what I've tried to tell you I'm
8 months passed and I never ever called you a slut,
Till that day you bailed the f**k out on me and left
with that guy,
I don't even understand why, you bitch and then lied,
But I guess all girls just sit and gossip ain't nothing
to it,
But I grew up and dealt with my influence and all the
Had to come back upstairs and make that lil sign of
peace again,
But before this we used to be the best of every single
It all changes as the world clock just goes tick again,
You spit a 16 f**k that I'll spit a 12,
I'll still beat you in creativity, flow and sales and
everything else,
My beats are the hottest and my raps are the modest
what you know?
What do you have when everythings gone,
The only thing you ever cared about is long gone,
And it's f**ked up in this world,
They only care about girls, and Ima,
Tell you what I do right now you got my word.


[Verse 2]

Now I just wanna know what the f**k you doing up in
We already talked about this thing bout where you gone
be living,
You should stay on your side,
f**king around at the night,
I just wish I could tell you that big mistake that you
There's nothing more I can say to your pretty lil face,
Unless you really wanna give me the time of day,
And it's funny cause these jerks just have the same
As every other Hipster on the same mile,
Everybody know that I overcame my devil,
Came up on the other level,
Stabbed him in the heart,
Way before I even started this thing I call rap,
So I can't be affected by bullshit on my back,
I'm on track I keep it moving forward and,
My guitar gently weeps,
The only thing up for keeps,
These bitches want me to tell em,
But my abuse is a venom,
You got a smirk on your face,
Like you are owning the place,
But you still a lil baby,
I come back and call you crazy.


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