Remember The Name Lyrics

Yo, I spit flames to this ill shit, fall back
Catch a brick on some real shit, thug it out
I'm so hood, it's all in my blood, it run deep
I'm the best kept secret for those who wanna sleep
Watch me put the smackdown and take what you got
Like when I 4-5-6 with the bank on stop
Yeah, you used to be hot, but we takin' your spot
D.V.'s drop bombs with the beats that lie
From the East to the West, this how we rock the spot
Throw it up, nigga run, represent your block
Cause I'mma put it down the way it supposed to be
It's not a game, you know the name baby, D to the V
Yo, we still here, still standin' tall
Even when our backs were tight up against the walls
We conquered all, now we headed straight to the top
Breath easy, cause it never gonna stop

[Chorus x2: Triggnomm]
Aiyo, D.V.'s shine like diamonds when lights hit 'em
Streets, meet these lyric beats and tight denim
If they need me, or got beef, I'm right with 'em
It's not a game, remember the name, aight, Venom

Okay, now, one of ya'll, now, one of ya'll
Compete N-Tyce, petit, and I'm still gonna eat, I got an appetite
I'm known to snap another rappers mic
You're the actor type, on the mic, ya'll don't have to write
But I eat with a pen and pad, sleep with a pen and pad
Freak beats with a pen and pad, I put feel in the mind
Born ready able, willin' to rhyme, I'm a country chick still in her prime
And I'm bout tired of killin' the time
End everybody out there know, I'm ill with the lines
So when ridin', ridin', throw the top back
Venoms got a new CD in the store, go 'head and cop that
And all you DJ's, you gotta let the record spin
Matter fact, turn the volume up, set it ten
This is a new introduction of bustin'
We make platinum out of everything we touchin'

[Chorus x2]

Yo, this how I'm goin' out, with a bang
Been on, turn me up a little somethin' to watch me do the damn thing
I'm right on track, but knock you off balance
You ain't no challenge for Rocks The World
Play your position while we on top of the world
The Venom, Deadly but plenty, we get 'em bent 'em in 'em
Champ the rap Adonis, kill you with kindness
Leave you like ten steps behind you, can't touch it
My double'll do you dirty you f**kas, from now, two thousand and quarto
Leave you fallen and can't get out the pothole
Try to steal my show, not even ready
You can look at my grill and tell I ain't the one to be messed with
Now check this, holdin' your heart, leavin' you breathless
Ridin', ridin' real hard on you bitches
Ridin', don't play games with my digits, ridin', I catch a body for my riches

[Chorus to fade]

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