Real Hardcore Lyrics

[Intro: J-Boo]
Rocks the World, DV's, what, yeah niggaz
For all my hardcore niggaz, bust a slug thug niggaz
Yo know the deal pa, yo, yo, aiyo

I'm shittin on the whole world, you know the name
DV's to the death, never playin' no games
So f**k the fame, we can spit darts or fight
Light a candle, let it burn to the end of the night
Who keeps it tight, f**k what you heard is real
Pretty, Pretty Thug style now y'all know the deal
Tag team on 'em, straight bubblin' out
Run up in your crib, 4, 5th thuggin' them out
Nigga what, y'all still wanna ride wit this
Heart stopper, bomb dropper real survival chick
Rock wit my click or I can rock it alone
Shine like a Tahoe, baby, sittin' on chrome
Relax your dome, so I can spit that shit
Rip that shit, never gonna quit that shit
Cuz I'm the shit, so put it in perspective
You double crossing me? It's about to get hectic

[Chorus x2: Champ & J-Boo (J-Boo)]
Its that real hardcore (you cant f**k wit that)
That QB thug shit (you cant f**k wit that)
That head banger live shit (cant f**k wit that)
What, what, what, what (can you can you really really f**k wit that)

Yo, I told y'all once before, it aint a game
I'm comin' through blasting, remember my name
J to the B, double O for sure
Back slappin' wack bitches down to the floor
So gimme that, you don't deserve to rap
You couldn't even shine if you had the sun on your back
Now tell me, what type of shit is that
Wit your corny ass rhymes and your wack ass tracks
See me, I'm laced by Rocks the World
And lyrically, I'm tighter than those Shirley Timple girls
If you wanna battle? Come and step in my arena
I'll beat that ass, like Ike did to Tina
I'm a little meaner, when it come to this
Mad chicks is on the mics that ain't sayin' shit
And I could call names, but I'mma chill with that
And just burn these bars on this phat ass track

[Chorus x2]

You can take the illest chicks and put 'em up against my team
And watch the jump off at how we regulate the scene
That's how we pop, from NY to Little Rock
Down to North Ca'kilaki, it's the real hip hop
And it don't stop, we keeps it raw and underground
You know what's goin' down when you hear the snake sound
You back stabbers, but I'mma stab back
I murder chicks who tried to gain fame on tracks
Now hold that, what kinda moves you make
Ya'll chicks are dogs, eatin scraps off a f**kin plate
Don't player hate, cuz I'm sick wit mine
5'10, Pretty Thug and I'm thick wit mine
Should I continue? Sweet talker and I'm slick wit mine
You'se a slow learner, while I stay quick wit mine
You know the time, keep y'all chicks shittin' in ya drawers
I'm like a politician baby, change all the laws

[Chorus x4]

[Outro: Champ, J-Boo]
(Yeah, yeah) What, (what), you can't f**k with that
(You can't f**k with that) you can't f**k with that
(You can't f**k with that) Peace!

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