Ready Lyrics

[Tekitha providing background vocals]

[Intro: Champ M.C. (N-Tyce)]
Yeah, for all of them, let 'em know
Come on, 1, 1-2, 1, 2 (turn my mic up, yo, turn my mic up just a little bit)
Uh, yo, yo, yo

[Champ M.C.]
Ready for tour, ready to give 'em tour raw
Ready to floor, ready to show 'em who the boss
Ready to bless 'em, ready to give 'em Deadly Venom
Ready to stomp, get ready for the Pretty Thugs

Ready for war, ready for combat
Ready to settle the score, ready to bomb that
Ready explore, travel new land, formin' ground like the Cubans
Got ya body movin', ready for groovin'
Ready to show you how to rock right
Ready to jock tight in brother's spotlight
Ready to drop mic

Ready to bone, ready to thug
Ready to home and not for slugs and representation for my cuz
Ready to get into it, cuz I knew you never was
Ready to buzz, ready to kick a mad doves

Ready to put it on, ready to crash on the floors
Leave the speed on point, on sharp, Liquid Swords
Ready to cut, ready to inflict pain
Inject the poisonous Venoms inside ya vein

[Champ M.C.]
Ready to rip it, ready to twist a ill izim
Ready to sip it, ready to mix it in my system
Ready to symphony, ready to get defend the mints
Ready to the man, ready to get ya business

Ready to go platinum, ready to put away ya magnum
Ready for the Badu dreads, yea I gotta have 'em
Ready to grab 'em, ready to bag 'em
Ready get the Deadly Venom logo, ready to tag 'em

Word, ready to flex, by any means necessary like Malcolm X
Peepin' out the window wit my tech
Ready to bring it to ya dome, ready heads blown
Heads gone, you ain't ready, so leave the shit alone

Ready to set it, ready to rise to the top
Ready to let chicks know the day about to drop
To the floor, ready, ready, to bring it hard-core
I blast that ass like some muthaf**kin' suit-four

[Chorus: N-Tyce]
Here we come baby, ready as we gonna be, gonna be
It be J-Boo and the Champ M.C., remember we?
Finesse, N-Tyce is who you see
Venoms representin', ya nearly turned to these (are you ready?)

[Champ M.C.]
Ready for cause, flippin' on niggas like I'm Dominique Dawes
Straight off, tense across the whole board
Ready for all the applause, crowds screamin' on cause
Ready to take it on tour, yea, ready for sure

Ready to shine, you heard it through ya grapevine
Deadly Venom droppin' lyrics, one at a time
Ready to floor, my team will never take a loss
You will quote what I said in the f**kin' Source, you ain't ready, ready

Baby, I'm ready to make a killin'
Ready to put ya in ya place and catch an ass whippin'
Ready to pill, get ready for the real raw deal, ready to wreck 'em
Handle our biz, you better check 'em, yo, ya'll ain't ready

Ready to make a change, ready to rearrange
Ready to keep close range, ready for fame
Ready to game, ready to aim, time to be a household name
Ready to brain wit the Poison Clan, two in the same

Ready, ready get deeper
Ready, for the RZA, Deadly Venoms, Tekitha
Now ya'll ain't ready, go head, f**k ya reefer
Ready to make ya believers, ready to give ya fever
Ready to leave ya, nigga, we ain't really never need ya

[Champ M.C.]
Ready to flex, ready to see who want it next
Ready to brawl, I'm representin' killa ball
Ready to bring it, ready to follow the yellow brick road
To the wizard, ready to put it down and finish

Ready for a new recreation, ya time is shorter than abbreviations
We ready to rip the nation, you facin'
Ready to find a new occupation
We takin' over, ready for replacement


[Outro: Tekitha]
Ready... ya'll ain't ready
Wu, Wu, Wu, Wu, Wu, Wu, Wu
Oh, ready, hmmm, ready
Ready, ready, ready, ready

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Songwriter(s): Eubanks Aben, Kelly Clarkson, Jason Halbert
Publisher(s): Kobalt Songs Music Publishing, Chrysalis One Music Publishing Group Ireland, Digbyomega Music, Dejanovas Music, Smelly Songs, Emi April Music Inc.

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