Love Me Lyrics

[Intro: Champ (sample)]
(And love me)
Uh, uh
(Oohhwee, if ya do I'll never let ya go)
Yeah, yeah, yo, yo

All I want you to do is just (love me)
Yo, show me the way, look in my eyes, tell me you'll stay
Cuz love is deep, I play for keeps, my heart pumps weep fo you
I dont mean to cause you no trouble
Already your humble, if ya willin' to bust ya bubble
Ready to sit back and watch the world crumble
Who the baddest, bring the madness
It's the Champ and I dont need no practice and matchin what's happenin'
Reppin' Venom, know I got love fo my team
Rocks the World, bring it funky when I step on the scene
Aint nothin' changed, still I get delf down wit the same name
Guess who back, we came to change the whole game
D-E-A-D-L-Y, no lie, got me bringin' tears to my eyes
When I loose it, it just for the love of this music
I'd abuse it, the rappin don, now it's on, show me love

[Chorus: Daze]
The L, the O, the V, the E
The L, the O, the V, the E
One love....

It be the J, B double O, got love in the hood
A little drama, but it's still all good
Still on the rise, still number 1 in your eyes
Still rockin' my nigga Biggie baby, Hypnotize
Still, Pretty Thug until the day that i die
Still, Rockin the World baby, thats no lie
I got love for these streets, so I'm bringing the heat
Only spit that raw shit on a hardcore beat
Venom, respect the name, got love for the game
Ya'll chickens, ya'll wanna front? We can battle for fame
Battle fo shines, let's see who spit the hottest rhyme
I'm going all out, crossing the enemy line
I'm going for mine, aint nothin' holdin me back
Ya'll know its all about the love, don't you hear it on the track?
That's the reason that I wont quit
Still lovin' this shit, still in the pit baby, bangin' them hits


Yeah, I dedicate this letter
Dear hip hop, '87 '89
Few ladies rappin' who made me rhyme, paid me mine
Baby wine voice, chinky eye chick, country accent
Y'all like, where she from? You steady askin'
Carolina jams, we ain't get it first
Still livin' worse, mix your tapes that made me spit a verse
In it for the thirst and hunger, I wonder
Will the love keep me up in the game or under
My boom box on my shoulder, ear to the speaker
Peeper, pumpin MC Lyte, Monie Love and Latifah
Salt-N-Pepa, Tougher Than Leather, puffin' watever
I had to get something together to hunt for the chedder
That's why I love my posse, my click
We aint flossy and rich, ayo Storm, you just tossed me a hit
Thats why I'm up in the studio, with a mic check
Lights set, bottom line, N-Tyce, a tight vet


[sample to end]

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