Welcome To Flint Lyrics

* [Verse 1: Bootleg]
Welcome to Flint Town, home of the killa
Dyke-ass hoes and cocaine snortin' niggas
This Flint, where all the money sacks is heavy
And niggas el f**k ya hoe in the back of dey chevys
This is Flint dogg, don't get caught slippin'
For new clothes, young hoes out here set trippin'
In Flint, you read about three murders a week
We ain't no metropolitan city, but game runs deep
This is Flint dogg, 'bout an hour from the 'D
Niggas is murdered in this bitch constantly
This is Flint partna, betta hold your own
'Cause a nigga can get you killed for a stone, or a cell phone
In Flint, you know its a drought
When ya uncle is forty-two and he workin a paper route
Dis Flint, it ain't hard to tell
snort anthrax bars if they come through the mail
In Flint, we ain't neva' been scared to die slim
'Cause we been there ever since they close GM
Welcome to Flint Town, its nuttier while
Niggas love to murder, executioner-style
Dis Flint, so meet Mr. Trigga
In every club we in, we holla f**k YALL NIGGAS!
Dis Flint, (Flint Town), Playa it to win
If y'all niggas didn't hear me
I'ma say at again, bitch dis Flint

If ya not from Flint than its like
Straight-up "f**k you!"
I'm sayin whats up to my mother f**kin thugs (Dis Flint)
The others perpetrate it
but still we regulate it (Dis Flint)
If ya not from Flint than its like
Straight-up "f**k you!"
I'm sayin whats up to my mother f**kin thugs (Dis Flint)
If ya not from Flint than its like
Straight-up "f**k you!"
Flint Town, Flint Town, F-F-F-Flint Town

[Verse 2: Shoestring]
Dayton Ave up in this bitch
thats where most of dees niggas raised-up
f**kin' around on us el got you shot and you blazed-up
Welcome to my city, we cuttin' you off at the projects
The beefas wasn't safe to stay in this
So darlin' whats next?
Ask me 'bout a murder down on Dayton
Its a blood-bath
The (???) Boys in ghetto clubs
Where niggas, they don't laugh
The bitches el set you up, they do it quick as a man
Before you go to sleep
You tell dem hoes they ain't stayin'
The cops el never stop until your front doors kicked in
The judges hold the grudges
'Til your whole clique locked-in
The Heinckles and the Dorseys made mistakes of da pit fight
Law-makers never make laws for those on the crack pipe
The hatas, they got your back
They pray and play on your downfall
The niggas down on Wright
They crack your shit with an 8-ball
In Flint, is where da bodies and da funerals held at
A snitch el see your case
You sold a key, he go tell dat
So welcome to the city with no pity, cause shits real
And them scandelous f**kers, if its war they gettin killed
Locked-up in the county with some gangstas (???)
Now you on the news
You hung yourself, thats some bullshit
So stay away from Flint, or we'll be shootin' you back out
Dem killas on the roof
They take your life with they macks out
In Flint, (Flint Town), play it to win
If you ain't hear me
I'ma say it again, bitch dis Flint!


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Record Label(s): 2002 Koch
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