How Bout Now Lyrics

I - I remember when I had that one bedroom down in B'more (right off York Road)
She was stressed out not tryna f*ck tellin me she need more (tss)
Then she had that abortion (damn)
We was up and down like a seesaw (word)
Had hoop dreams then but I still put the pen to the pad in my free time (I'm writin)
You could tell her that I rap she would look at me and laugh guess she couldn't picture me signed (hah)
Moved back to New York all the niggas that I thought was down with me changed up on me (f*ck em)
Reunited with my day 1 niggas got a deal bout to get my change up homie (yea)
I would never change up tryna pull a Range up they can never feel my pain homie (never)
Tryna call from the jail little brother needed bail guess that's part of the game homie
5 mixtapes dropped DJ's at the top still say they never heard of me
Now I say my name 1 time now these niggas actin like they all so concerned with me (hah)
Niggas never used to wanna pass the blunt now they going to buy weed just to burn with me (I'm good)
Gettin money I was dead broke wouldn't put me on same niggas tryna earn with me (nah)
Couldn't pay to go record had to pay to go to court oh Lord nigga how bout now (bout now)
My buzz up right now (right now)
Couple racks in the truck right now (right now)
That I ain't even touchin like that I was hustlin like that they spit comfortable rap not me (not me)
Sound like a nigga starvin (starvin)
[?] I want to get a condo (wanna get a condo)
50 niggas with me mobbin (niggas with me mobbin)
All by myself with a model (myself with a model)
Then my birthday passed, Freaky got killed like a couple weeks later (damn)
Bully was down, Charlie was down, my stress was so major
Started poppin them xannies 2 at a time with codeine (leanin)
Percocet's 2 if I had em (2) put me on a hell of a lean (I'm gone)
Had to go Philly just to put my cousin in the ground that shit crazy (that shit crazy)
Starin at his face then my tears start to fall that's when shit got hazy (forgot)
D Jones outside in the ride him and Tay so I jumped in the back seat
I can still taste them tears I hated that day them shits was so nasty
But I got a angel right now (right now)
Niggas think I'm famous right now (right now)
And for all of those thinkin my city fell off I can change it right now (change it right now)
I remember bein in the 'jects me and Chette no hot water
Ain't learn much in school I been movin through the world gettin live what the block taught us (Eastside)
Me and Leezy in the staircase
5 5 get a dutch go and get a dutch
I'm talkin so dead broke couldn't give a f*ck (not one)
That's when [?] pulled up truck tinted up (my nigga)
Goin to the studio me bashin Chrome I'm like where that nigga soul at
Backwoods no I roll that (roll up)
Anybody hatin on us can't control that
Then I did sway in the mornin
Shaun C, LV and my niggas (my niggas)
They gave me beat after beat (beat)
They really considered my vision (they see it)
Then I took a trip up to Yonkers (Y-O)
Thought I was dreamin or buggin
Style P got on my song Sheek showed me love while Jada was crushin
Haze, I'm around all my favourites
They told me I remind em of the old days
But I'm still on my block shit
Before I cross the street I look both ways
Uncle in the kitchen with a pigeon cookin up he would listen to the O'Jays
This before I had a beard this before I had tats I didn't even know bout no gangs
Only crip I knew was Pooch Loc
When it came to have a new coat
Same North Face from last year
The worst thing they could ever say is you broke
I jus want a lot of cash here
First class got me sayin I don't do coach

Nigga how bout now (shit changed)
Nigga how bout now
How bout now (couple years nigga)

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Songwriter(s): Dave East
Record Label(s): 2014 Dave East
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