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Maserati Visions (pour It Up Freestyle) Lyrics

I got him in that drop him,
pop lean he got block then,
close mouse never got fear,
could give a f*ck with them cops set,
got bread just to watch feds,
all eyes on me just like pocks in,
mind clear for them cold nights,
I'm on ice but my eyes red,
devil all on my shoulder,
rebel all on my level on
I'm wider wake, I got slept on,
this pure dope, you should stepped on
no time to think about no bitch,
my mind on my next song,
knocking Eminem in big shit,
got a deal shit, that was dead wrong,
I read songs and I said prayers,
funerals I've seen dead stairs,
Peter roll you'd better think twice,
you are posing no threats here,
why you think I go so hard?
why you think I gotta call hard,
the kid classic like most sward,
nigga f*ck the cops, follow no law,
OG for my building, told me keep building
or you would go fall, on the phone train I had no car
shots in the jacks hittin no bar,
play griff on the block we post hard
straight zips at the grind they smoke rar
they follow niggas I'm getting no cars,
got the baddest bitch and o draws,
Maserati visions garage all on my T-shirt,
smelling like Bulgari just call me you ever need work,
I know niggas running in houses, soon as they need work,
temps on, block after block, walk to my feet hurt
I'm poppin now, do research,
all kinds of loud, my team search,
so much smoke that I see blure,
can't count the bitches that we curk,
Medusa head, I'm used to bread,
Versace style, but was raised rough,
finest weed, I'm sipping wine,
shawty ain't blazed, we kushed up,
I'm laid up with the Vegas bitch,
bout to light it up like the Vegas strip,
poke a table to the black jet,
that's what I call in Vegas trips,
back in the hood, dipped in all black,
that 40 grade, my forty fit,
these hoes bringin me to box,
and I don't need my cable fix,
you travel, when you don't drip,
we travel, we're taking trips,
came from the bottle like f*ck the middle,
I see the top like we shades zip,
whoops and chains on my slave ship,
grip and lane with my lane switch,
niggas change but just ain't shit,
it's all the same but I can't quit,
f*ck em!

Smoking all loud
yeah nigga, bullshit

Throw it up, throw it up, watch it all fall out,
Pour it up, pour it up, that's all we ball out.
Throw it up, throw it up, watch it all fall out,
Pour it up, pour it up, that's all we ball out.

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