Under Pressure Lyrics

Uhh, uhh, under pressure under pressure
A todos callejeros
Lado oscuro de la fuerza
Representando así
Like this..

[Verse 1: Salvador]
I spend my cash on bullshit, end up getting broke
Feels like I'm drifted in limbo, the sensation got me choked
My friends keep calling
And I just can't seem to break that cycle
Entangled in the pain
That got me paler than Michael
But yo, I'm late every day, way too tired for school
Haven't been there for a week now plus my teacher's a fool
She wants to sample my urine
Threatenin' with the law
Tellin' me what to do
Like that bitch knows more
Of how my life should be controlled
Maintained in the system to mold
Just to be sheeped and be a part of the hold
But I refuse to be a part of these so-called norms
So I am still a reject ever since I was born
This little time is absorbing allmy energy within
The atmosphere through this landscape makes the oxygen thin
The rumors and lies about things that I'm doin'
Keep spinnin all the time, people say my life is ruined
So as I walk through the streets I can feel I'm being looked
Some hypocrites smile but I can read them like books
The school shrink is on my case
Offering methods to heal
My girl is calling all day
It's time to put on my shield
Defense mechanism, I feel I'm getting too close
Lyin' to bail out, the easy way is what I chose
Escapin with my pipe inhale it 'till my eyes get red
The world looks better through these goggles, nuff said

Life's got me under pressure but I'm tryin' to reach
A better way of living but still suckers wanna preach
Like they better than me, 'cuz I don't fit in their plan
I remain who I am that's all I can [x2]

[Verse 2: Opio]
I am the ever underrated, alienated and you hate it
Cuz you thought I made it and concentrated
On gettin' elevated, wiring cars, shit is gettin' faded
It don't matter cuz
If I try to be the best I can be
You'll only see the negativity
I know the deal
So f**k what I feel and yes
I confess
And that's something that I guarantee
I never let no other people get my f**king kicks for me
Seen lots of shit, pump it up red I explain
16 millimetre spikes in their veins
Black spoons, lives trapped up in cages
Dirty floors all covered by syringes
And in the night hiding my baggies under my carpet
And in the morning pickin' 'em up out to clock it
I thought my head had never been any clearer
Writing my name in white lines on the mirror
And I have no sense, yeah that's what you be believin'
You think I only be intoxicated daydreamin'
Chose what I like now I do what I chose
You say I got nothing I say I got nothing to lose
Before I leave I'm gonna live a life of all funs
Now do you understand where I'm coming from
f**k what I do keep, the focus on you
I wonder how it would be if you saw the things I do
Now let me tell you 'bout me, easy is my mentality
I got love for everybody who got love for me now
Big up to my fellows in all levels
Do what you feel, yeah nobody does forever

[Chorus x2]

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