Nhendino Lyrics


Nineteen ninety seven
Darkside of the Force
Carrying your thoughts beyond the limits of understanding
Lyrical warfare
With the mind
As my only weapon

[Verse 1:]

The psychological, the diabolical, methodical, the modual actions
Without the fraction
?Can't bother straction?
The center of attraction
Brings reaction
And satisfaction
Maraudic melodies of an abstract notion
Smooth like silk or Aloe Vera lotion
Intoxicating potion
Up-speed motion
Gave me the masses' credibility
Clean pure like virginity
The level's unachievable
My shit is unbelievable
So now it's time for you to stop that yellin'
Fake storytellin'
Get some sense inside that f**kin' melon
And start compellin'
Submerging from the rounds of unity
If there was a savior on earth now who would it be?
A Spanish hit is written S-A-L-V to the D-O-R
The poetic csar
A vivid presentation of knowledge and understanding
The demanding
Commanding wise emcee compas the throne
No blunts, no bitches
Just a computer and a microphone
Money is inferior
It's your interior
Snatch your ?inseria?
She's gettin' serious
So now let's rock with psychosomatic procedure
You better believe the
Ancient mythical
Old skool force
No remorce
Do I representin' lovely?
Yes of course

[Chorus: DJ Whiteshadow]

[Verse 2:]

Like the ways of the wind from within
My poetry ?reveals? through inside, I just spin
Dwellin' in the mist with poetry or rhyming
Knowledge crept and fired me
Talking now surrounds me
Travelling with the beauty of rhythm as my guide
Now what you see in daylight but just the other side
I zoom
Into levels of deeper consciousness of the mind
I shine
Ain't no stressin' when we climb
Supernatural phenomenons
Creepin from behind
I strike like thunderballs
Synchronized with the rhyme so
Too many emcees wanna walk
But all they do is talk
So with the mic in my hand I start to stalk
Roamin' with righteousness down my verbal path
I start to see the truth so I release my verbal wrath
I was born in the woods with no lights, I'm the nocturnal
Walking through flames of the infernal
With an only torch
'Cause I don't need it
To be soulfreeded
I continue my mission and still I am the undefeated
Our ?sys?tempetations
Of material matters
Lethal sharp words make your brain cells shatter
I'm an Indian
Eatin' coca leaves for stimulation
Hiding in the mountains with ancient creations
So when it comes to lyrics I start to embark
It's full eclipse baby
'Cause now it's gettin' dark

[Chorus 2: DJ Whiteshadow]

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Record Label(s): 1997 C+C Records

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