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[Verse 1: Insane D]
This is what you created, we livin frustrated
From being so hated but you still couldn't fade it
We've been taken by a force, I'll cut you in fours
Feel no remorse for your corpse, I'll f*ck your body of course
What's the source of my mentals?
They're trapped in instrumentals that are so f*ckin dark
It's beyond experimental, you be so judgemental
If you see what I envision
Decisions of makin incisions in our competition
What you bitchin about? Why you always run your mouth?
You can catch me at the crib
It's on the left, the last house
Yeah I'm f*cking bout it, who wanna doubt it?
Put a shotgun to your face and I make you eat a bullet
Why? Cause you deserve it... you probably choke on dick
You think I give a shit about your rap career bitch
This is for the kids who can't be ignored
The kids who live and die for Horrorcore

[Hook: Geno]
All I see is death around me
All I seem to need is you
We only got one chance, time's ticking All I seem to need is you

[Verse 2: Geno]
Yo I am so paranoid that I cannot breathe
I stand up for the kids that are just like me
We don't give a f*ck what you think that we need to be
I'm gettin sick of the names, come and f*ck with me
You wanna label all of us as some f*ckin freaks
Well think, there's a f*cking time to understand us at least
Instead of lookin at us like we're just some f*cked up disease
You motherf*ckers never took the time
To try to believe that maybe...
We have no hope and nothing's left
We live in this world constantly depressed
Now I don't mean to point fingers but may I suggest
That all you yuppy motherf*ckers are the reason for this
I know I be gettin so pissed over stupid shit like this
That I forget about myself and where I'm going with this
This is the middle ground kids now may I suggest
That we keep it underground, we ain't like the rest

[Hook: Geno]

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