Kid Capri Lyrics

"Kid Capri, plays beats like this.." (4X)

Take tapes; everybody tapes
Everybody buyin tapes that the DJ's make
Twenty bucks a pop and they run non-stop
and the jams are hot, to the very last drop
POP POP in your car or your Jeep or whatever
Sometimes people buy 'em like two and three together
But did you ever wonder who's the best?
Or argue with your friends to get it off your chest?
Well let me introduce you to Kid Capri
He's kind of like a favorite to me
He's got a real dope way, of makin them tapes
and I don't mind myself spendin them papes
I pump it in the Volvo that I ride
Most times with my girl to the left of my side
In the city of New York with celebrities
and a cool DJ named Kid Capri!

"Kid Capri, plays beats like this.." (4X)

I hear a beat movin in a Jeep "Uptown, Uptown"
and I guess it's "Kid Capri" with the big "dope sound"
So skip to my loo, rather skip to Capri
You bring the skins and the ride's on me
And we can parlay like peas in a pod
Grin for the girls and give a piece to the Gods
The rest of the pie you can leave for my crew
Give a toast to the fools that knew
that if it don't fit don't force that flow
So how many times I gotta let you know
that the Dad got a new way of runnin the show?
Just like Shabba Ranks goin, "Bo! Bo! Bo!"
Crashin all them doubts that you had befo'
And friendly as a food stamp is to the po'
Bein all them things that I wants to be
and slammin like a tape by Kid Capri - break it down for me!
.. Shoo-wop-shoo-wop-shoo-wop-shoo-wop-POW

"Kid Capri, plays beats like this.." (4X)

Whether in Brooklyn, parolin with my peeps
or Lower Manhattan, where I shop upon the street
There's one thing to say (??) everyone I meet
Everybody's fiendin for a fat funky beat
Well here's a fat beat that'll rock your socks
Comin straight from the school that we call hard knocks
cause it knocks you HARD upside your dome
and commands like a law that's etched in stone
Watch the Dad blow up on the solo tip
Feet firm to the ground with the kung-fu grip
Sharp as a whip might strike your back
Choke you up like a Winston straight from the pack
And if it's them beats that'll make you ill
Kid Capri got a tape that'll fit that bill
And once you get hooked you won't know how to act
Tradin tapes like baseball cards in stacks
Lookin for the mix that suits you best
Takin care like the Doc on Empty Nest
Just remember that the tapes don't come for free
So whenever you pay, pay for Kid Capri!
"Kid Capri.." (3X)

"Kid Capri, plays beats like this.." (8X)

Yo I'd like to give a shout out to all the DJ's Uptown
I wanna let y'all know I ain't forget about you
Ron G, S&S, Chill Will, Doo Wop.. rock on, to the break of down
Lovebug Starski..

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Record Label(s): 1993 The Island Def Jam Music Group

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