Perfect Stranger
Cryptic Wisdom


Perfect Stranger Lyrics

I've walked into the room, she's such a mystery
And everything about her is a picture perfect symmetry
As if I'm staring at the'beneath my imagery
I start to feel the worst, the energy's like an epiphany.
I see her moving through the people with such elegance
And boys never speaking, so hard that even tell if she is tensionable
She's like a ghost to me the way she floats
Endorsement to the back and crushable and taking notes.
I spend a few minutes and try to catch her breath
Before I make my movement, I just can't believe what happened next!
I chase her to the corners of temptation
And the shadows of an unfamiliar place, but I embrace it
The ' tracing her and no watching the exit
But I had to leave her breathing now, so I accept it!
And humble home waiting for the day that we would cross again
Cause honestly she left a mark and ain't softening!

You look like' to me
I feel like Novocain
But I don't even know your name!
I feel this urge inside of me
Cause I know you're not the same
But I don't even know your name!

I'm walking down the street, see the faces I see everyday
They're looking for some answers and I'm one of them in everyway
I think I battle with the hoax that I can manifest
Another chance to catch up with the' that hasn't happened yet.
I stagger as I ' the shoulder of a stranger
And as I go to apologize I never thought I'd faced her, but I did!
She smiled and she said to keep my head up
Almost as she had set up everything and how we'd met up!
I couldn't help laughing off her'
You told her that my name was David G, she shook it off for bleed
Her name was Jane and her touch had sent a chill
To my brain and all I could think is something wasn't real.
I shook it off and I request it that we meet again for dinner and some conversation
And everything seemed to plan.
She wore a red dress and said to pick her up at eight
We walked away and left me there to ponder on this cup of faith.

You look like' to me
I feel like Novocain
But I don't even know your name!
I feel this urge inside of me
Cause I know you're not the same,
But I don't even know your name!

A vibe inside of me was telling me to keep my wits
It wasn't as it seemed, but I was struck with'
Minutes ticking like my eye was on the hourglass
After one another drawing nervous as the hours pass.
Started dressing, I... for this
As I... without the address, didn't know how far it is!
Hit the road, but you're the closer that I got
The more my stomach tightened up, I rode her upon the block.
Stepped up to the door, was knocking in to my surprise
Someone else had answer it, and she had tears inside her eyes.
I tried to be calm as I said it straight
I told her I was me and Jane, and fear had struck her face!
She looked at me and asked me if it was a sick joke
She told me that her daughter Jane was not in this home
With no explaining she knocked me on this Novocain
Jane apparently had hung herself at home that day.

Maybe all she ever needed was some company
Maybe that was all it take to set her free.
Maybe all she ever needed was somebody
Just to notice her for all that she could be. (x2)

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Record Label(s): 2013 Cryptic Wisdom

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