Johnny Ringo Lyrics

This is your time.
Your life's flashing before your eyes
And soon enough
You will realize,
This is goodbye,
But what if I gave you a chance?
You just have to sell your soul!

Look around, what do you see?
The choices you never had the guts to
I'm sorry you never could be,
The man that you wanted but regret is
wasted on me!

I can feel air inside my lungs again...
All because of you.
I can rebuild my life and start again...
All because of you.

This feelings amazing I know, but, be
You know not what you wish for.
Granted life again, but now you've
cheated death.
There's no where to run...
When you run from yourself!

But fear not, for as long as you live you
are mine,
And even in death you will find!
You've lived with regret for so long
But now is your chance to change what
has been wrong!

I can feel air inside my lungs again...
All because of you.
I can rebuild my life and start again...
All because of you.

And I know that my destiny,
Wasn't written in the stars...
It was just a part of satellites.
And its all because of you,
Yeah it's all because of you!

Don't ever trust the devil, BITCH!

I never wanted this,
It's time that you suffer the
I should've known my time was up!
I gave you your time.
Now your soul is mine!

I can feel air inside my lungs,
I'm dead!
All because of...
All because of you!

I can feel air inside my lungs,
All because of you.
I can't rebuild my life or start again.
All because of you!
All because of you!
All because of...

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Record Label(s): 2011 Crown The Empire
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Meaning to "Johnny Ringo" song lyrics (4 meanings)
The Wise One 08/21/12,00:24

It's clearly about his love for Pringles' chips. When he gets to the bottom of the chips he trades his soul for a second container, only to find that they are stale. Don't ever trust the Devil b:tch.
Someone100 03/19/15,13:16

It is about how Johnny sold is soul to the devil, in order to fix the mistakes he did. But now his time is up, and now his soul belongs to the devil himself, which he regrets.
Chicho978 07/17/12,01:41

It is about the devil pretending to be peaceful and tricking him into giving his soul. and now he regrets it because he cant rebuild his life
Chow56 02/24/12,19:47

About a lost relationship and the beginning is about god and how he can heal all things but the ending is about the devil and how he wants us to live through hell so we lose hope in Christ
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