Eyes Of Tomorrow Lyrics

God damn alarms are ringing in my head
Wake up world or we're all gonna wind up dead
Look around I see the hate and the greed
Lifestyles of the rich still people dying in need

Wake up world things are gettin' serious
I'm looking at the future and it don't look too good for us
If we don't take the situation at hand
And spread a message of peace all throughout the land

Cause I'm looking through the eyes of tomorrow
And all I see is misery and sorrow
Desperation and despair everywhere
Reactions of a system that just don't care

Greedy politicians leading people astray
They just want more money they don't care what it takes
Polluting the earth destroying the environment
Building bombs for war and killing the innocent

My mind's in a rage they got me living like an animal
They're feeding off human lives just like cannibals
Killing the planet and everything on it
With their chemical waste dumps and nuclear power plants

Our tax dollars are killing people overseas
Still people dying at home but no one hears their pleas
It's time we the people take their power away
We can't let this madness go on another day

Keep the youth dumb and numb to the state they're in
Keep 'em fighting each other selling crack, coke, and heroin
Mind controlling the masses with TV and the media
What they let you hear don't mean you're free you know

Revolution in the mind but the body must follow
Cause I'm looking at the future through the eyes of tomorrow


Take a look at what they've done
How can we let this madness go on
Through the eyes of tomorrow its very clear
No turning back is we don't start right here

Must stand up, know we must stand up

Don't want their dying world of injustice and pollution
We got a solution time for revolution
Must pave the way for a brighter day
They won't give it we gotta take it
Our lives are at stake

A barren wasteland is the price we'll pay
if we don't stand up and fight for the world today

Must stand up, know we must stand up

You see them cutting down all the trees
Poisoning the air, the land, and seas
Destroying the planet and all that it's worth
Just for their moments of pleasure on earth
Their hunger for power would be all our end
If we don't stand up and fight now my friends

Take a look at what they've done
How can we let this madness go on
Through the eyes of tomorrow it's so very clear
There'll be no turning back if we don't start right here

Here we go time and time again
The rich man keeping the poor man in line again
You must be blind cause you keep on following
Them and their system straight to you grave

Your minds in a cage you're just another slave
To false values and false ideals
Peace of mind so hard to find
They got us living on the edge of such coptic times

We need a planet without war or greed
Healthy environment clean air to breathe
Equal opportunity and justice for all
United we stand or divided we fall

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Record Label(s): 1997 Century Media
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