Dirty Bomb Lyrics

Look at her now, handcuffed to the park bench, watching us tear down trees and build apartments,
We think she’s heartless, but we neglected to eat the ripe fruit from the harvest,
Millions of lives she’s taken, not for granted, but the two can’t co-exist on the planet,
We take her face, rape it and build a city, and she fights back and feels the pity,
She’s an artist, an innovator, spent her recent years trying to take back the sin that we’ve made her,
But her skin is sensitive and we’ve been a razor, removing her limbs is against her nature,
Her screams are hurricanes, pleas and cries are tornados,
We ignore the obvious signs, assume she’s okay with our race though, we shape her like play dough,
She fights, but most nights she bites down, takes those bumps and bruises we give her like a man,
We on a mission to kill her yet she sticks out her hand, and offers help,
We too preoccupied, all for self and none for her, won’t happen with this song, nah,
Cause we still the jigsaw, look at it now and tell me this shit’s wrong,
Now she’s sick can’t help herself and we’ve manipulated well, stuck her in this jaded cell and forced her just to fend for self,
You don’t get it, she don’t want to do this, she’d gladly be a teacher if we’d be the student,
She’s got years on us, in the millions, yet we’ve become corrupt in her eyes,
From guests to civilians,
(attention children class has been canceled),
Law enforcement have got their hands full, she decided to jump on the piano and play the blues,
Volcanos melt down a poor man’s shoes, women and children fall through cracks in the earth,
We’ve attacked her since birth, the worst we could do has already been done,
Yo momma, that’s a big sun, I know son, please stay away,
Her bark and her bite pierce our skulls like razor blades,
As we fade away we realize that we shaped our fate,
Bodies line the streets, skin dry as grapes, she left a message in the clouds,
It’s too smoky to see through the wreckage of this town,
What a perfect demonstration of a lost cause, yo, yo, yo who’s got gauze,
Homie over here is bleeding, plus he’s covered in the ceiling, I got a feeling time’s not healing what we’re dealing with, man this is real as shit, I knew she wasn’t feeling,
And we wondering if she got more, a ball of flames, falls from the sky and hits a garage door,
We fought more for a lost war than we ever did for her health,
Little boy kisses her cheek, bids his life farewell, follows the light to hell
© 2013 Crawdad/Crawford

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