Devil's Drink Lyrics

He can’t see that she slipped through the cracks (the cracks),
time has taken all he wants it back (it back),
an angel holds a devil’s drink and makes him think his head will sink,
if he just takes the glass, throw it back, throw it back,
yo mom, you remember your first date, Your first kiss,
The first fist dad ever let touch down on your face,
The first time you thought, f**k this place,
Your first fight, your first night alone, your first car,
What about your first home, your first trip to the bar,
How about the first time you ever wished on a star, yeah,
And the first is the worst fear, but the last time you left makes it hurt here,
In the chest, below the chin and neck,
Inside my tinted breath is a crystal clear facade,
Waiting to be seen through but now you gone,
The devil’s drink will hold her wings and stop her flight her children sing,
(la la la la)
Yo dad, you remember the last day, before you left you used my words like an ash tray,
Remember the last day you did coke? What about the last time you watched your kids grow,
Probably not you’re quite transparent, I read you like a book,
Apparently I overlooked the premise and assumed your truth was the carriage that would take me away,
But I was young then, dumb then, not much to say,
Lips are sealed and eyes are peeled to find what’s real,
But the mind dines on the kill,
They like to combine their minds and try to find some type of line to draw between the time they took and what’s left to give, it’s all in the devil’s drink,
The devil’s drink will hold his wings and stop his flight his children sing,
(la la la la)
Man he hates his thoughts it’s the melting pot that steams up,
As the hellish thoughts get brought to another level,
He say she got a smile like a devil,
She say she need a bit of lee way ‘fore they get back to the prepaid happiness they won in a sweepstakes,
Not too keen, pay close mind to the hope that they both hide to abide by the close line,
That they drew while they were both blind, no ties, just four kids,
A hubby and a wife that’s some f**ked up shit,
(man I don’t even know)
And then there was me, the one with the clipped wings,
A small town boy trying to do some big things,
Mike got a lip ring, Julie got a halo, Tony got a gun,
By the time I hit the cradle, nothing seemed right so I put my face in the pillow and I would sing this like,
(la la la la)
The devil’s drink will hold her wings and stop her flight her children sing
(la la la la)
The devil’s drink will hold her wings and stop her flight her children sing
(la la la la)
© 2013 Crawdad/Crawford

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