Live Ya Life Lyrics

* [Verse One]
Your son's stressin' you out
When he was home, he showed no respect for ya house
Now he locked up, callin' collect and you about
To put a block on your phone, Til he says you're the only one helpin' him out
He said his friends ain't there for him
He wished he'd listened when you said they don't care for him
Every night, before you sleep you say a pray for him
You even blame yourself cause you couldn't pay bail for him
You raised him the best you could
He respect you more now cause you're his best friend in the hood
He said he love you and he sorry for the trouble he cause you
And it isn't because of you he in there
So Live Ya Life...

Chorus: (Singing)
This Life, Oh this life
I promise to keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on strugglin'
I'm gonn do it right
So there won't have to be no troubles in my life

[Verse Two]
You single and strugglin', sleepin' with dudes
Get no feelings involved, they trickin' on you
You think you gettin ova, as time flies you gettin olda
You waking up with nobody to hold ya
You're like bad dope, nobody want you
Haunted by your past ghosts, they used to run through
Changin' is your last hope, but do you want to?
Are you still sensual prey when dealers come through?
Is your respect worth losin' for the next man's wealth?
Look in the mirror, stare at yourself
Everything you do in darkness will come to the light
Stop fighting your conscience and Live Ya Life...


[Verse Three]
You had an addiction
It was so clear
Child welfare came into your home and apprehended your children
Now you faced with a decision
What ya love more : simulation or your children?
The Choice is yours, In the presence of evil
you started sniffin', Boy you was scared of them needles
Your man died from sharin' with people
You know that dope good if you said "it's diesel"
Now you staring at your kids room, but it don't seem true
It's sunny outside but it don't seem blue
You got kids who need you
What you gonna do?
The only way you gonna make things right -
Is to get yourself together and Live Ya Life...

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

Keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on strugglin' [4X]

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Songwriter(s): Cory Mckay
Record Label(s): 2012 Legal Hustle Digital
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