We Make It Rain Lyrics

Spray bullets on your bitch ass
Southern California, gangsta gangsta homie
What's up D, grab the muthuf**ken Mac-11
What's up Frank

It's like notes to ah song out of time
If the bitch ain't yours, than I'm going for mine
Stone cold rainy nights, enemigas coming for me
It's like Merlins magic cast ah spell on them phonys
Cus you ain't gotta lie to kick it
Got ah blue metal steel for your soldiers I'm wicked
Fall back, we got barredas and rucas
Your mind played in pause but you vatos can't fool
f**k 'em all, cus they'v been blocking the scene
They trying to flood the market with their fake ass
Where your from, ese what varrio you from
You muthuf**ken ranker I'll put ah slug in your
That shit is full, and I'm ah West Los killa team
Looking through the scope AR-15
Blow blow, I know that you could hear me now
Suspended in air with your face shot off

We make it rain in Southern California
We make it rain in Southern California

Make it rain, eses bring the f**ken pain
Southern Califas all you lames best leave us
Claiming your down, for the f**ken brown
But everything I heard was nigga
Real homeboys don't use that word
Southland, nothing but body of warriors
Talk to the older homies this vatos sound like
Homies with class so get the f**k on
Your ghetto trash, real eses enter the rap game
Putting this foo's to shame
Like that little vato thinking he's hard
But ah punk on ah level 1 yard
Ese we don't play we the real vatos in this game
Southern California, we make the bullets rang
You wanna be's, and busters, are all the same

We make it rain in Southern California
We make it rain in Southern California

We bring the pain ese f**king up you lops
We make it rain, put up your rag tops
Can you feel the drizzle not from rain
But ah mini missile barrel of ah nueve putting holes
in your Chevy
Ese stormy weather, when I'm in ah gun fight
Never ever, where you see, the sun light
Your time has come, now your numb from thee
You think your bullet proof come on man you killing
You talk metal, but see I got metal
I never ever seen ah tattoo that could stop metal
Try to use the juice but I'm trying 'em up
I'm running in this vatos pads and I'm tying 'em up
I'll make ah dash with the cash when I'm doing my
Some times I get ah way clean sometimes people get
But if you know me you know that I'm liable
To make it rain cus I'm all about survival

We make it rain in Southern California
We make it rain in Southern California

Southland Gangsters, Frank V get rid of these bodies
out by the ocean homie
Mister D, dispose of these weapons out in the
mountains big dawg
I'll meet you vatos out in Vegas
Got some unfinished business to take care of
We make it rain doggys
Southland Gangster

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Record Label(s): 2004 SL Entertainment

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