End Of The Line Lyrics

[Frank V]

I make big money, I drive big cars
Everybody knows me, it's like ah movie star
But late one night, something just wasn't right
I was being tailed by the FBI's headlight
Put me in ah hot seat, hoping that I'd brake
They wanted to know, where's all the money that I make
Names of connections, who do I supply to
They say we ain't the kind of cops you wanna lie to
Cause game's ah bitch, you could get rich but it'll
bite you
Cause if you tell you go to jail plus you die too
So they sent me downtown, cause I ain't with that he
Ah cell with the view of the one o one freeway
Next day, I called up my lawyer
Said they had your phone tapped, ain't got nothing for
Then he f**ked around and got spiritual
And told me to pray, cause it's gonna take ah miracle

[Mister D]

This year Halloween fell on ah weekend
But their ain't no tricking and their ain't no treating
If this dope don't sell homeboy I ain't eating
Trying to take what's mine foo was left blinking
Now he ain't sinking but I don't give ah f**k
The homie made sure an ese can't be touched
But I still pack ah piece cause some go against the
And some of this foo's don't really know the game
It was rat ass snitches seem to be in style
But I rap none sick, check my file
Then I've been ah gangsta since I was ah juvenile
Last time I seen that foo it was all smiles
Then I heard the news ah collect from the inside
Said that muthuf**ker flipped through the other side
Now some good homies are looking at ah gang of time
And it's f**ked up for some cause it's the end of line


Tonight I can't sleep I toss and turn but I'm cuete
baby so the yeska I burn
Four walls just staring at ah vato
I'm always tripping so I'm never slippin in the varrio
I'm paranoid so you better keep trucha
Cause when I'm outta control, I might shoot ya
I haven't been the same since you said my name that
night in the rain, when you crossed out my gang
Punk you want fame well click click BANG!
It would never be the same
Some might say, take ah chill c, but f**k that shit
I got this vatos trying to kill me
When the gun blows, bullet whistle
So you don't wanna f**k with, me the pistol
Creeping triple og on ah mission
You hit the end of the line, your coming up missing


Me and cuete from los nietes went tricker treating
We kicked in the door put two in the ceiling
The connects on the floor begging for his life
Said don't kill my kids but you could have my wife
I don't want that bitch, I want the dope
I know what's coming through that tunnel want the
squares of coke
The pounds of ice, so quick and fise
My boys gonna smoke her so don't waste my time
Whole family tied up as I made my way
Out to Frank V and Mister D's so we could count this
They got their share, we split that up
We all gonna eat, if I come up
That's how it is, and how it's been
The homie doing life, just called from the pen
He got ah phone in his cell, he don't need no mail
And when the lock downs over he gon raise some hell

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