Stranger To Death Lyrics

I ain't ah stranger to death, it's ah part of my life
I dwell in the darkness take you towards the light
So everyday I make it, to see the next
I bless my chest, with some coca and stress
I confess, that suicide's been ah option
But I get over it quick, and stop with the none-sense
But my conscious, eternally at war
Ese I was gon' pass shooting dice on the floor
I shake it off, with some f**king tequila
Then I'm back in the Regal homie doing some lineas
I'm ah mess, and to the world I'm ah pest
I sleep with the vest in this wild wild west
And my pen, can take out ah sword
When they play ah f**king track I scribble dangerous words
Can't ignore, psychological problems
But who the f**k knows cus my 38 solve 'em
Put the pistol to your temple, repeat what you heard
Ese I ain't from the dirty dirty money get earned
So hear me out, cus the pain don't stop
Muthuf**kers catching bullets homie lost on my block
So come through though, and see me move like ah mobsta
Homie something like ah boss when I'm squeezing the
Murder raps, homie raps about murder
My dog shit ill drug spot controller
Then I mack fly honey's I don't chase no hoe's
They show up at events for this carnivore
Then I slam with the raw, ese you ain't on it
Your mind overdosed but I just can't call it
They knowing, the words I put together
I'm ah lyrical scholar, with some bags of hielo
And I bang with the passion and I creep with the glock
Ese Mexican Pac, gonna tear up the spot
In this endless ride, full of homicide
In this place I resine plus the shit worldwide
We divide, ese conquer your state
I'm talking about your mind and that weight on your plate
This ah endless ride, full of genocide
The hate from inside, is what I provide
So you decide, you wanna f**k with this
Cus once your ass in can't escape thee abyss
G Rabbs

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