Point Of Chaos Lyrics

Light your p-dogs, this C Mac-11
Bout to take you on ah flight
Here we go

I'm on the run with ah gun, under the sun
Some get scared but I think it's fun
The scene stunt, that I stumble and drunk
But I was only 8 then I proceeded to dump
Ese 2 pump's dif for trying to pat me down
Ah royal blood, I don't f**k around
This ain't no lie, I'm just trying to survive
And do what I gotta, to stay alive
Not saying, that what I do is right
I'm just trying to brake out it's ah day to day
It's been so long, it don't cross my mind
That I'm ah crazy muthuf**ker homie gripping my 9
What would you do, if you was under pressure
It's ah multiple rage, how the government test you
I address you, cus your just like me
They racial profile all Mexican G's
Narco terror, is what I begun
So I smuggle on ah track, to get them stacks
And one more thing I wanna talk about
This snitch ass raps wanna take me out
But I'm in too deep, I told you before
My mind is ah lab trying to cook up more
So take my advice don't get involved
You live or die in between you evolve
Now I'm stronger, paper longer
f**king with my sales then you catch this hell
It's going on, in every city around
Shout out to them killers they ain't f**king around
Right now, unknown ah bullet
Living to the fullest stay ready to pull it
Ah set up, they said I did it
Broke 'em off 80 thee attorney was with it
In time, as we knowing
Muthuf**kers getting panicked in their face it's
Point of chaos, is about to emmerge
Ese homeland terror so the troops been served
On the streets, I hear the devils laugh
The cartel making money hooked up with nector
They after, they new world order
Sniper in the window pointing at the reporter
Reveal, but your goal returns
The border shift, is of no concern
The crop circles, it holds the connection
It all in the trial with the resurrection
Survival, for all man kind
In the darkest hour, the light will shine
Ah state of conscious, has been awoken
Even though I'm toking C Loco focused

Listen, I ain't saying it's easy
But muthuf**ker gotta stay focused in this in times
If not, mother earth gonna swallow you up
Te va comer la tierra, si me entiendes
Hope you do, that's all I gotta say
And we out

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Record Label(s): 2012 Musiacaasesina

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