Package Pure Lyrics

Yeah, that's right, haha, listen
I want all you muthuf*ckers to get in the line
Cus I'ma battle all you bitches one by one

My package pure, the shit is thicked up
Homie street life killer on the one that's next to
I crept on, then I took your spot
Homie someone told me either your real or your not
I'm ah G from the hood C Loco was good
Dawg play this for your block it hypnotize your
Ese nina say more 'bout the hustler's dream
I ain't gotta speak about the cream I see
It's easy for me cus the world keep spinning
Kidnappers in the cut had the victim grinning
When I move they follow wanna box me in
Got that Westside money homie swift with the pen
I slang to the fans and I carry the torch
At the ghetto olympics rock house move dope
I could murk you, in your village your slum
Ese trouble's in my past I was recruited real young
Ese dressed to kill with some beats and rhymes
In ah car full of bitches I'll be getting mines
Dope lines, come out the dragons mouth
In his 6 3 catholic oldies playing loud
Ese welcome to the city of homicides
I don't sleep through static, I bust my 9
Good times bad times come and go with the bricks
Ese water baking soda in the f*cken mix
I'm as hood as it gets, I do what I do
I came from the bottom to ah town near you
I tow it up, West Los in the building
Ah real muthuf*cka in the booth delivering
To the masses, frying on acid
Ese waiting for the moment I'ma leak ah passage
I'm in transit, and be there in ah second
The eagle has landed you recognizing the method
Ese who can you trust I stay life and affect
You bang my shit, that subliminal shit
That you hear in the back when your putting in work
Uneducated crook that put ah few in the dirt
I never had nothing I'll abawl on you hoe's
I'm parked toking up while I plot on my foe's
No body knows when ah hit would go down
Ese gun fires run another body was found
Ah pack of wolves, ah new level of hate
Cus your hoe spread her legs and suck my dick on the
You wonder why, had to turn her out
But I ain't do nothing but flex my cloud
It's ah journey, until I sin again
It's like ah drug habit that won't let me descend
So look up, and see me flying
Touch down with some weight cus the feins in line
And I wrote this, the day my grandma died
Ese I was in the kitchen, decrypting some lines
I think deeply, of ah immigrant struggle
Ese hit California so the family could settle
This move on, this is my brain on drugs
I might now live so I got some guns
Now bare witness, he about to get whacked
And the only thing that matters they surrender the
I'm Bobby Womack, I like musical soul
Smoking weed on the beach then I'm practicing judo
From Tokyo Japan, to Canada man
I transport dope anyway that I can
It's nothing, cus f*ck it I'm hot
The phone ring again this p*ssy's talking a lot
Let's bet on it, I got shows to do
The AK respond, when I bring it to you

You, you, and you, go ahead and drop ah subliminal
You rats been dry snitching on the internet any ways
Big C O N, my package is pure

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Record Label(s): 2013 Urban Kings Music Group (www UKMG net)
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