Long Halloween Lyrics

Trick or treat
Everybody, need to get on the muthuf**king floor
Face down
Next time you send your sorry ass henchmen
To come get me, make sure they know what the f**k
they doing
It's October 31st, it's my night
And it's gon' be ah long muthuf**ken Halloween
G Rabbs

When you start making money it's when the problems
It's ah mathematic coarse counting major funds
On the run, f**k the misery
So if anybody ask then you ain't seen me
I sense envy, but I payed no attention
Someone from your side sold me out to some henchmen
I'ma get them, before they get at me
Let me show him how we do it in the LAC
I was clever, had the Burban sprayed up
While I was down in phoenix alibi was made up
They get ate up, by the f**king piranhas
While I was f**king bitches in their doji cavanas
Kidnapping mamas, for back stabbing the team
That's ah fatal mistake, for ah fraudulent scheme
The title of the song got ah violent theme
So you know when it be, this the long Halloween
Dope money bring power that's addicting boy
So them jail house killers are the ones I employ
Deploy, any one who annoy
We the real McCoys with 50 caliber toys
Now who! wanna take my stop
The house and the wife and the weight I got
C Rock, ain't leaving from here
Cus this my year platnium tattoo tears
So I dealt with it quick had to set an example
Slow dragging in my lane get your punk ass trampled
That's ah sample, for any one that's plotting
Another kidnap another corpse that's rotting
Torture, for ah week and ah half
My staff had some laughs put ah gauge up his ass
Blow! yellow tape on the scene
The shit got extreme this ah long halloween
I get respect, amongst the bosses
It ain't about the bitches or the shit everyone
About the losses, and the come ups
Is you playing with my work and gatilleros will run
This new jack hustler out there making his name
He stepped out of line trying to question my game
What ah shame, that his egos to blame
Cus I don't give ah damn if his with his game
I'm ah tank, on some old school shit
Ese hit 'im 8 times but the bastard lived
He's ah kid, don't know what he did
But messing with my shit the one thing I forbid
No guilt, cus he had it coming
His mouth was running so to me it was nothing
En las calles, C Mac supreme
Let me open up the gates on this long Halloween

Hahaha don't make me laugh ese
You ain't got the muscle to go up against me
So step the f**k off punk
Get your muthuf**king weight up
Naw too late you get cade up
It's midnight, listen foo
You ain't nowhere near being ah muthuf**king big
You too weak to be out here trying to push the line
I was cultivated in this
Where the f**k did you come from uh
Conejo, international muthuf**ker
Boss of bosses, puppet master
Yeah, that's all you need to know

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Record Label(s): 2012 Musica Asesina

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