Journey Lyrics

My cap is G'd up
So put the weed up
Suckas to the back so they could get beat up
f**k ah dress code
I wear what I feel
Ese all black hoodie to conceal the steel
That's real
That's how it's done in my circle
La tinta de tatuaje gonna light up that purple
I'll murk you
I got the gat at my waist
Ese pull it out quick
Barrel to your face
So holla at your boy if you need that clavo
Yo tengo mayoreo if you got that lotto
From the cut I follow
Attack you better
I don't give ah f**k how extreme the weather
Es por eso
That you don't want no beef
You don't want this more
You better yell out peace
Cause I'm Extra Legendary
The horror flick type
Loco extra scary

I'm one of the all time greatest Ce O Ene
And no one can do it like this For real
Sit back relax and enjoy it I'm on ah good one
I took you on the corner is turning to life check it

I've been ah problem in this thing of ours
Mostly because I got them sick ass bars
Ghetto star with them Cocaine lines
Ese posted on the blocke throwing up gang sings
If you ah matchet I squeeze that ratchet
Then hand it to my boy so he could stash it
That's tragic
You got ah hole in your chest
Was nothing that could stop it
Even wearing ah vest
No less
Their twenty goons on the corner
We all going out and this song is to warn ya
Coming for ya
I'm beyond you'll do
Home invasion murk is my mood
Over here
Ese bullets fly
Two centimeters down and you'll be dying
That's ah plane crash
Every passenger gone
As I pack up ah bowl and hit that bong

Angel of Death in this muthuf**ka without ah doubt
Don't tell me I don't got you caught up in this madness
Put the whole f**king ounce in ah blunt and pass that
shit around
S.K.M can't stop won't stop

Straight heat
From the fire launcher
That's all me
That's what I conjure
Toke Ganja
And my peeps is deep
I got ah big ass Varrio with ah gang of streets
Take cover
I'm sliding out with the sweeper
Put dents in your armor I came to harm ya
Stage mind
All eyes on me
El Angel de la Muerte is who I be
So take that air
That I give you
Check out Hell this ah preview
Real deal
Lethal rhymes that kill
With his headphones on
The consumer feel
Go to jail make bail I don't care
Beat the case fair and square
I set sail
On the shore I'm landing
Ese killer from the West stay Nash with the canon

I'ma travel this roads young trucos
Year just started and I already got it on lock
I'm the only one that navigates through the mind of the
Mission complete we at the Gates of Hell

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these lyrics are submitted by Oscar Moctezuma

Record Label(s): 2014 Conejo

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