Coming Up In The Ghetto Lyrics

I go off, muthuf*cker like me like to flow
f*ck ah hook, here we go

Coming up in the ghetto way they'll be ah steak
I plot the violence and the terror only if you
I'm ah loco crack slanger you could call me C Rock
Cus I'm 2 4 7 like ah pendulum clock
Under my cloak, is some terric secrets
Bandit from the H put me up on ah sequence
I knew the frequence, engineer got panic
And all the bald headed gang member Hispanic
Regular homies, from the neighborhood
On the 4 front homie puffing on blunts
They say we nuts, and can't hold us back
It became real clear who was holding them stacks
I tell it like it is I could ruin you man
Especially cus your fake so your bound to get
Bumper jacks, leave 'em paraplegic
The shit that I do homie always strategic
I'm alone with my fears till the end of time
And I don't give ah f*ck won't apologize
I maximize, on the master plan
That's about to take place for ah hundred grams
My hundred grams, I'ma slam and die
Cus if I gotta go I wanna go real high
OD ain't nothing, cus my spirit strong
And my purpose in this world was to bring it on
I give you hope, like an atroci arrow
I send you towards the light push you out of the
I've been where you'v been face to face with my sins
And we just trying to live ain't trying to go to the
But if we do, we gain discipline
Stone face gone looking militant
We killing shit to avenge ah death
Everything become ah psycho till your soul has left
Interpret my dreams to full ah schemes
All I see is 2 11's and triple beams
We grinding me on this LA blokes
Foo ah 20 all day sparking chronic tokes
Putting rappers in comas put poison in domes
Pigs trial down filing out of the corner
Organ donors there's ah kit it's come
Hear the track in the back and it make me attack
I'ma shank, in ah hand of ah rider
Shout out to my boys 25th street spider
And yes, I'm confusing I know this
On top of all that C Loco re zone this
I flow this, like ah body of water
That's real over-ceeded living legend I'm on
Fire starter, this are the flames of hell
Come against me it's like ah come for yourself
Do your valley of life it's only one to live
And they trying to give us years for fighting on
From the time I started till this day right now
The ball of cash move keys they shoot the young
one's out
My choice of weapon used to be the glock
I was active at 12 baptizing the block
Taking bullets patrolling ride or die for the set
C Mac-11 both games I'm ah vet

G homie taking over cus I've been on my own
Got my own f*cken level that I made my home
It's nobody's fault but I gotta get mine
Where they killing off ah rival dope case on the
I tried to get ah job but they wouldn't hire
Now the peasants on the streets call me sior
Open fire, out the SUV
Ese laying crews down homie RIP

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Record Label(s): 2013 Urban Kings Music Group (www UKMG net)
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