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Get My City On Lyrics

Let em live for what he a low nigga lean on him
See a... half man, half machine on em
... new nightmare, I run up in their dreams on em
The pad man look boy, have to rush and pleed on em
Niggas talking snick shit, till you put the squeeze on em
Certify hit busy nobody and your league want it
If you think that nigga hot I'm bout to put that freeze on it,
Superman what happen with that horse if you sneack on it,
Hard and... as hot, heavy missin shot, keep warm it
Peason up to f*ck up, be quiet when the... on me
Bully any track and I dare you to speak on it,
Part time hustler I'm seven days a week on it,
Been on black and talk about why you never seen on em
Mixtape garbage couldn't sell the Jay Z on it,
Not the gangsta type, alfa doggy show the lean on em,
This nigga been that, alfa bet, you put the cream on it,
Time to quire on em let em single rest and pitch on em
Fake to be the proof, looking shot ad you won't see on em
Lil shopper sweet harbour kamikaze unit palmer,
Every shot I shoot you warmer,
Now your army moving palmer.

So as I'm fly down his highway
Speeding like a motherf*cker
Thinking bout my past life and how I'm flexing on this suckers
Slow down, wait a minute, let me get my mouth rack,
Rich boy move out my way
You hugging up them lime light,
I'm just the hooly in the dark,
Tryin to get my time right,
Smoking my Rihanna bitch she yellow, so she shine bright
Got the pression on my wrist, don't even know if the time's right
But my time's right now, so I gotta break down
Your boy's getting money slower than my laces,
So I'm still buying fly shit, splurging on my last shit,
Rest in peace he's done zipping in plastic
Don't worry 'bout the bell 'cause I can cover the casket
More money, more problems, gotta move carefully
Biggy taught me right so I'm now I'm ballin like...
I'm the type of nigga that will come raise a catastrophe
I ought and stuck in limbo but nobody else is trapping me,

I'm getting to the little, all I see is green
On the paper chase, I'm sweating in these dreams
Moving slowly, double cup no lean,
Loud on deck, fill it up Hennessey
I move swiftly pocket bullet twenty
It's cut thrown nigga then you not my homie,
Come f*ck with me, come and see when I'm about
If I ain't shit bitch, keep my name... mouth,
I'm cruising on this bout switching lane in this rout,
Made a bitch rain, got her p**sy out the drout,
I'll fish you like don't rap, don't make me call a text out,
(I'll fish you like don't rap, don't make me call a text out)
Getting down on this damn knee,
F*ck on dick don't have to,
Used to watch the duty shit, now I'm like I rap too,
I rate it, I made it, and then they hate it
'Cause rap shit, I started we're never premeditated
Yeah, look to that shit, boy they... created it,
Niggas we the best until we check this...
I like vacation and play for...
I pray to God every night just to think and now he made it,
If she on that love, see I'm telling, that bitch is saving,
How many times will be hurry and say I'm the f*cking greatest
Anything I say better believe it when I say it
And when you're with your bitch, she with my niggas yeah we fade it

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