Drama Like Lyrics

Tony Rome, what up!
It's your city man
Let's find out what the dram like, man!

Billy guns go off and the drama say
Let's see, I mean niggas at the politics
Don't watch me nigga, better watch your chick
If career's on water I'ma rock the shit,
From a concrete city, building lots of bricks,
With the skinny niggas rounding round box the clips,
'cause the little niggas know they can't box the shit,
While I put in work, no identify
Triple go the dirt but them dollars signs,
See this all I met blow me up my mind,
Don't make some dumb, niggas not my kind,
Gotta dance all hustle, when I'm on my grind,
GPS nigga I ain't hard to find,
Thousand of .. won't target mine,
Dancing back, got a brand new gap
Far form illegal is my book of raps,

Is .. motherf*cking and Brooklyn's back
Got you out of crown while I took you back,
Don't really wanna war, don't shook of that,
Came a long way from home way and crookin' cracks,
And the shot my way I'm a instant back,
Gotta cut em off right with the ..

For most of the guys, killing is got to be acceptable

Why you love his .. just stay up in your house
'cause you don't really know what that drama like,
If you really smart, you know to play the part,
'cause you don't really know what that drama like.
Hundred choppers spread just get about the way
'cause you don't really know what that drama like.
Your body layin' cold, there 'cause you know your role
You don't really know what the drama is.

I stay in crib with tools and gadgets
On my way is like a rocking the belt belt
When I bust rounds them cash felt
Then it touched down on your back melt,
Like crill cheese,
You're playing around like you're now in the begin
So real G's
It's gold time, make you a ease, no hesitation they real squeeze
And give up in your as like a wadget,
Three points you like nigga is regi milla,
Plus in the .. I'm telling you niggas is ready
Killers, everybody wanna go strapping to
Like you really gonna grow up and clap the ..
Certify better raise though,
How to catch niggas money slipping after-after fool,
Aiming to kill, .. hope you know a real good ..
Right up in this streets like they back with..
But these niggas ain't never left,
Pushing on one hundred per cent and never less,
Been telling y'all and end this now,
Well y'all talk, how you been flying
Till your dead soul is in the sky
So playin them games like you're in out of control
Walking the lambs when the niggas don't know
You might catch you a .. arrive with the five old cups
'cause they're trying me quarter
Difficult job how I deal with the ..
Caught to your bar and you niggas get faded,
Far in the move but I'm hardly to do
Hat you wanna provoque best believe I get crazy
Not satisfy with the minimum,
The way it go, go off my adrenaline,
I got racks, yeah I'll be racking them cuffins and funeral horse,
I'll be killing them,
Mama told me no rest for the wicked,
Wonder why I'm the best? I'm different
I'ma flow so critical sippin individual, I'll probably get stressed lower bitch field
When the bimp push E,
I tell it like it is, give a f*ck what a nigga think,
Watch you both me, nigga trust they float most,
Niggas, did you come across, tryin to make you sink
Ha, so sell for your captain
In the hood there's a kind of shit to happen
All you can do is play a park
'cause it might be drama
But some of these niggas ain't acting.


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