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(how I Spent My Summer Vacation) Or A Day At The Beach With Pedro & Man Lyrics

Hey, Pedro, hey, Pedro
Hey, where are ya, man

(Over here, man) Pedro
(I'm over here, man
By the trashcan)
Where, I can't see you
(Over here where the flies are, man)

Oh, I see you
Hey, I'll be right over, man
(Okay, hurry up)

Excuse me, coming through
Say, can I get by here please
Aw, thanks, ow, ow, ow,
Oh, the sand's so hot
Ow, ow, ow, ow, ahhhh

(Hey, fool, you got your foot
In the Kool-Aid, man)
Oh, oh, I'm sorry, man
(Flat footed sucker, get out)

Excuse me, can I
Get through here please
Thanks, hey, Pedro man, hey listen
(Watch out, you're gonna step in the)

Oh, wow, what is this
(Well, it ain't peanut butter
And baloney, man)
Oh, God, man. come on
Let's go down to the water, man
I gotta wash off my feet
(Okay, but where's the water, man
I haven't even seen it)

Hey, well, listen, man
I'm gonna crawl up this lifeguard tower
Maybe I can see where it is from there
(Yeah, that's a good idea, man, go on)

(Golly, it's hot out here
I feel just like a
Refried bean or something)

Hey, Pedro, I see it, man
I see the water
You can see the waves
And everything, man
It's right over here
See, right over there

(How we gonna get to it, man
There's too many people, man)
Oh, hey, I got an idea, man
Hey, I know how we can clear the beach
(Well, hurry up)

Hey, just watch this, man
Sharks, everybody out of the water
There's sharks all over the place
Sharks, sharks, look out
They're gonna eat you

(What's going on here)
Oh, man, there's sharks
All over the place, man
(Sharks, where) over there, man
They came up right on the beach
And ate a little girl, man
Right where you're standing, man

(Oh, my God, where are they
Where are they, come on
Let's get out of here
There's sharks coming up on the beach
Aw, forget the blanket, let's go)

(Hey, Skip, what's the haps)
Oh, wow, man, you missed it, man
This little girl was out there surfing
And a big shark came up and ate her
Board and everything, man

(Oh, wow, really, what kind was it)
I think it was a twelve foot Dewey Weber
With an orange racing stripe, man
(Oh, far out) hey, let's go down by the pier
(Oh, yeah, they're curling in there)

Come on, Pedro
I'll race you to the water, man
(Okay, first one in is a wet head)
Ha ha ha (Geronimo)

(Ah, this is more like it, man)
It's beautiful
(Yeah, our own private beach, man)
Come on, let's go catch
Some waves, man (okay, man)

(Hey, man, what's that behind you, man
Look, there's a fin coming towards you)
Ah, knock it off, Pedro, man
(No, really, man, there's a fin
It looks like a shark is gonna get you)

Sure, man, sure
(Man, turn around, man, there's a fin
It's right behind you, man)
Hey, man, there's not a shark within
Two hundred... arrrggghhh

Hey, man, give me your hand
I got you, man, oh, no
Where's the rest of you
Oh, the shark ate him
Oh, no, it's coming after me, oh, no

Oh, good, someone threw me a Frisbee
Okay, shark, now try to get me
Come on, I'll shove this
Down your throat for dessert

Hey, hey, Pedro
Pedro, wake up, man (wha)
Hey, you was sleeping, man
Are you okay

(Oh, wow, man
Musta been having a nightmare, man
In the daytime)

There he is, Dad
He took our Frisbee and
Stuck it in the garbage can
This, guy, Dad

(Hey, hey yo-yo
What's wrong with you
I told you if you
Touched the Frisbee again
I'll break your neck)

Hey, why don't you bug off
You big babboon
Why don't you go back to the zoo
And take that little monkey with you

(Who you calling a monkey
You little creep)

Hey, wait a minute, man
Come on, settle down, man
(Who you telling to settle down
You pencil neck geek)
Who you calling a Greek, man

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