Amerikkka Lyrics (feat. Eddie Vanz)

I say God bless America, America
I say God bless America, America
Sweet dreams America, America

[Verse 1]
Yea ok people say I'm too honest holding onto a promise
Just an open book full of novels, fairy tales full of sorrows
On negatives I don't ponder, stay at peace with my conscious
Stayed prayed up we gon prosper, got to peep game let it wander
Got to crawl before you start walking yea not unless you ahead of time
My first step was me jogging, my memories sweet, chin music
Let's kick shit Sean Michaels, got a beer with me Steve Austin
Got to stay woke all eyes open they don't want to see us move forward
Got a book bag full of CDs, call justice for Mr. Alton
We a hundred deep at each market
And the police get first dibs for their grandparents and their partners
Screamin f*ck 12 we don't cop peace, we don't eat pigs too often
It's a system built to stop us like why my brothers keep dying
Yea why these babies got to grow up with no fathers to look up to man it's happening too often
We tired counting our losses we tired hanging out coffins
We tired of knowing that in America being a black man is being cautious

[Pre Hook]
Yea too many single mommas on this side
Yea there's way too many lies being televised
Why they can kill and go home and eat with their family
Meanwhile Mr. Noble just got 13 years for 2 grams of weed
It's way too many double standards on this side
We just seen two black men get killed on Instagram
Wish I could put Jesse Williams' speech on this song
And change the world for the better what we got to do we fed up

God bless America, America
A land that's not so free
Said God bless America, America
Please take those chains off me
Pray for America, America
Let my people breathe
Being black in America, America
Is a dangerous thing to be

[Verse 2]
Yea I said I think us as a people should show some unity before an act of violence
I think we should march hand in hand without it being a riot
I feel like somebody shouldn't have to die for us to come together
See the more we become organized it ain't shit that they can tell us
I know you hate us I know you f*ckin hate us I see it
I know you intimidated you just imitating the shit that you see
That's how your parents raised ya and that right there has become a routine
So am I next should I ever have to reach for my ID, man it's beyond the police
We got to show every boy, an girl, man and women that we all precious in God's sight
Whether black or white, red or blue we're all human
We just need humanity and a little bit of justice in this short life
Just put yourself in our shoes said put yourself in Trayvon's hoodie
Put your hands up like Mike Brown, Be 12 with a BB gun or armed and fit the profile
Man this shit is unbearable the list can go on and on
Are they really hearing us, you know they got fear in us
It's not what we want, just want to be seen as equal, together let's keep the peace
Said God bless America

God bless America, America
The land that's not so free
Said God bless America, America
Please take those chains off me
Pray for America, America
Let my people breathe
Being black in America, America
Is a dangerous thing to be

Try making happy music when you ain't happy, try uplifting your people when you're at your lowest
Try keeping your belief stronger than while hiding every bit of doubt you got in your heart hoping God don't notice
No this this ain't a cry for help man all I need is an ear
And when the inspiration ain't striking all I need is the spare
Time from you if really do care and if you're willing to hear cause people always got shit to say
But it ain't as wise as the listener, yea I know it take a while to get in line
I'm D Rose leave the bullshit right in the nick of time
I need closure not selfish though all I need is piece of mind I need loads of it
Love we need more of it the world we don't know of it
Need to lift my spirits hop in the uber and go soul searching
Even if the surge is a million plus I'm all in for it
My mama and my kids still living what I need friends for
My brothers feel the same way I feel that's what I got them for
My lows ain't never been this high
Not really complaining cause my karma ain't never been this good
Hard to explain when finding the thinnest line between everything that's alright
And abundant sacrifice that could possibly change your life

[Eddie Vanz Verse]
Said I woke up to a song from the birds
Walked outside I seen a sunflower grow from the concrete
I looked up seen a lightening bug glowing in broad day
That's when it hit me that fear is just and illusion inside me
I know my life is beyond me I see my worth everyday
I know my people there's heartbreak written all over your face
I went a bought me a mustard seed to remind me of faith
And I'll kick Satan in his ass, tell struggle pardon its way
No I won't let you kill my dream like you did Martin
What's an American dream, when you can't dream in America?
No don't sleep on that balcony they assassinate characters
Had to drink a brew or two I swear that shit is unbearable
But I'm the living proof of a better you
From the letter U, falling down and getting back up
Its righteous it makes for a better you
It's time to rewrite history
This time we'll pick a better noose instead of putting it around your neck
We gon dangle our success in front of every soul whose heart is grown apart of our neglect

I just pray you think about me oh darling
I just pray you think about me before it's too late
I just pray you make it back home
All you got to do is let me know when you're on the way
Cause the sun don't shine on this side this side too much longer

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