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Intro Lyrics

Happy Belated
They said I wouldn't be shit
I know we all can relate
From the family to the friends
To the man I look in the face
Every time I awake
No silver spoon for a plate
The struggle what made us
That's happy belated

[Verse 1:]
Lord knows I don't miss those lonely nights
With my momma cried and my daddy lied
Cause he was on the way saying he would be parked outside
But twenty two years later still can't get my ride
Nigga f*ck it
What ain't kill me, made me turn to the liquor
I gotta problem with ademption
I could use me some healing
Don't warning me bout my liver
I could use some prescription
But where were you the time
When suicide was almost commited
And you wasn't there when L left me
For Lamont out the blue
She had a thing for thug niggas
I was too good to be true
She asked me could I wait on her
She was gone be back soon
The same night we popped X
And got eloped in my room
Yeah that was back in 011
When Eddie dropped out of college, full ride scholar
But telling me he wasn't gaining no knowledging
A dream and a dollar
I told him he can come stay with dog
And it won't be a problem
We party and take shots with his father
Who would've known after those moments
Only times would get harder
Who would've known we would survived that crash
On the way back from Ollets
And gone of the bottle
Victor swerving as we merge off the road
Bouncing off walls like ping pong
Car was about to explode
Luckily my seat belt was on when I came to my senses
Hopped out quick
Yelled out "Vic! We gotta car full of bitches"
That moment I realized you could go any minute
Bust open the window and pulled them out
Like we ain't tryna have children
f*ck a hospital I got warrents
Take me straight to the crib
The cops come they ain't gone care
They gone take me to jail
Momma calling me randomly
Said she ain't like how she feeling
Had a bad dream, Are I ok, Do I need anything?
"You need to come home, we miss you, why you do us like that?
Why everytime we try to help you, you always turning yo back?
It must be serious, must be much more deeper than rap
I ain't raise you to hold grudges, you need to get back on track!"
Of course me being a man, and my pride in the way
Ended up living homeless on the streets
Within the next couple of weeks
It was me, K.K., Chris, you know Jada and Keicy
Back seat sleep, hotel from time to time
No money for eating
Borrowing clothes from different people
Folks looked out when I needed
That's why you only catch me eating
With the niggas I starved with and Lord
I never lost faith, know it's never too late
Opportunity come and go, so whenever it's in your face
You better get it while you can
Can be gone anyday

The struggle what made us
Happy Belated
I said, the struggle what made us
Happy Belated
The struggle what made us
Happy Belated

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Record Label(s): 2015 368 Music Group
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