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Cemetery Drive
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Vanish Lyrics

I'm a piece of shit
I believe this shit
I look in the mirror
Come on, I'm at least a six

Nah, I'm not even five
Hair's a mess, my teeth don't shine
Where's the crest? I'll clean my life
Each day, the less I feel alive

If I jump off, can I reach the sky?
Will they pick up my pieces of mind?
Glue them back together where they fit, aligned
They got shit to say, tell them get in line

Tell them take a number, 86,400
Wasted every day on some dumb shit
Breaking weight, feel my bones crunching
You know nothing

Whole function I haven't clicked with
Why'd I come? I'm masochistic
Ain't nobody really ask for this shit
Ain't nobody got my back in this shit
Before the shot, mad ballistic
All goes down like an avalanche is
Nothing's real, only apparitions
That don't add up, bad mathematician

Drinking Lysol, f*ck it Imma' die soon
Jump off a bridge, f*cking one-off this shit
Swam to the shore had to jump twice
On Christ, keep trying till my death gone right

We are matter biogenic and soft
Same as a starfish do you matter? Nah bruh
Dodge ya bullshit like a matador
Off the potion and I'm about to throw up

Running my mouth then I want to lie down
I'm night owl though, swing a right elbow
Like I'm in a mosh pit, never play with caution
On some pray to God shit I might explode

Why sell coke when I could sell hope to these kids?
Wait a minute, nah I'm hopeless
Wait a minute ain't give a shit, so sincere
You could tell I been a cynic when I wrote this here
Been bipolar for days I don't know if it's a phase, or if it just on-set late
Been trying to figure out who to blame, why I feel so restrained, why I can't ever concentrate
Ben tried to tell me I'm great, just a lot on my plate, but I feel like my content played out
Silly motherf*cker you cold, why the f*ck you feel lost on stage now

Whole life just a bird box, need a real tight quiet place that I can rest my head
Tune out all the shit the Russians said, crash and burn when I left in red
In purgatory like the conscious, Ed, Edd and eddy
Cut the grapevine off like machete
Imma' die when I'm well and ready

I ain't asking for sympathy
That's my name on the dotted line
Piece of paper scrawled out in blood
Devil whispering its my time

Time to blow up, my mine minding my business
Mind mining for gold
My mind mining your mind but you're mine also
Like a dart thrown

Nigga I'm on tip, shaking ass girl give me lip
Sunny days and my shady past, rainbows they gonna last
Roller coaster ain't gonna crash but if it does then f*ck it then
Dollar sign my only friend, red hand on the wheel deal or no deal
Roll the dice
Everything's gone overnight
I don't need no peace and quiet
I just need a little bit of light

And I don't think I ever understood
People talking shit, ending up obscure
Built this shit ourselves, leave you wanting more
If you notice me, leave it at the door

Lone wolf, like the Halo days
We go hard, don't stop with the 808's
No time, just drop till we fade away
Yeah Generation Y, we the data slaves

And I don't think nothing about it
They f*ck with the savage and this dog is rabid
I love that my bitch is the baddest and that is what matters
I'm making my mark and then I will just vanish

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Songwriter(s): Whyandotte, Miles Powers, Cloud Mac, Thiago, Chris Wright

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