Say Less Lyrics (feat. Brielle Lesley)

[Verse 1: Brielle Lesley]
I done came up
I'm the same one, never changed up
I been gettin' to the bag, gettin' to the bag
Guess that's why they mad, guess that's why they mad
I don't wanna see no new faces
They ain't helpin' niggas beat these cases
Pay them lawyer fees, now they good now
I done helped my family out the hood now
I done did everything I said
It was all bad, now it feel good to be ahead
It was all scams, had to find ways to feed the team, yeah
I remember it was just a dream, yeah
I know they been prayin' on my downfall
Tell them boys stay blessed
I don't even wanna be around y'all
I'ma glow up, say less, say less, yeah

[Chorus: Brielle Lesley]
Let 'em talk, I'ma let the moves speak, say less, yeah
All pros on these hoes, go up, say less, yeah
If they ain't with you then you gotta let 'em go, say less, yeah
And I'll die for you, ever see me fold, say less

[Verse 2: Cash Kidd]
I just knocked down a gay bitch, no cap
Ain't want to put it in my song 'cause I might go back
Damn, p*ssy so wet, ass so fat
Threw the neck all night, where my soul at?
Hundred worth of blues, twenty straps, I won't post that
Pass my old hoes to the gang, let my bro crack
Forty pump a nigga up like he got low gas
Pull up, chop shit down like i mow grass
Bitches tryna hit my line, that's my old jack
Change my number on them hoes, I can't go back
Y'all stop postin' that lil' bitch, that's my old rat
I ain't gon' lie, that bitch bad with her broke ass, ayy
Bro just got his gun license, let me tote mags
Would've had mine but 12 caught my slow ass
Bloat ass, bitch p*ssy good but she got no ass
Ho ass, up the clip on you like for sure mag
Big stick, make you disappear like I know witchcraft
Knock some pounds off your ass, forty slim fast
Punchin' sweet, blowin' woods, rubbin' your bitch ass
My bars and kids everywhere like this gym class
Man these hoes, they suck everybody, shit sad
Thought I found the one for me, that shit switched fast
Twenty bands in my luggage, let me get past
Scuff my Balencis, f*ck around, smack your bitch ass
Lil' niggas out here cuffin' hoes that they mans hit
And then try to beef with him 'bout that same bitch
Makin' threats all on Twitter on some lame shit
Nigga I don't do no typin', I'm like Rae Sremm
Press my button and I'm blastin' like a spaceship
Got a show, we in the Sprinter with like eight sticks
Yeah, had to get my cheese straight like braces
These niggas tryna steal my sauce, they like plankton
Big pimpin', I got ten on me, all hoes
Got another ten strip on me off shows
Mel got a twenty ball on him off bows
Swan got a dub on him all off phones
Since he hidin', we gon' pay to get dog gone
Bullets hit his grill up like some charcoal, ayy
All that backstabbin' turned my heart cold
Numb the pain with the money, I can't let the scars show, ayy

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Record Label(s): 2018 4746 Global
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