I Be Stuntin Lyrics

I ain't playing with y'all niggas
Watch what y'all say on y'all motherf*cking tweets
Comments, statuses
Aye, boy bitch ass niggas
Let's get it

Cash Kidd, I be stuntin'
Yo' bitch love black dick so I'm f*ckin'

[Verse 1]
Then I'ma put her out on the porch
I'ma treat that bitch like a pumpkin
Think she a bad bitch, she ain't nothing
She a rat bitch why you cuffin'
Y'all niggas act rich but they bluffin'
All my niggas stack chips but not Funyons
Don't sneak diss if it's beef bitch
I pack clips and I'm bustin'
Bang, bang, bang nigga, let it sang nigga like
Michael Jackson and his brothers
'Cause all these niggas tryna stretch Mark
Like what a fat bitch got on her stomach
Aye, my nigga Jeff was a straight soldier
So any lame nigga talkin' down on him
Then I'm on his head, it's game over
I'm with your bitch and she bout to get my dick
Hard as a rock like Jay Hova
So me and my niggas get in her walls
All in her walls but we ain't roaches
I got a couple niggas that's outta town
Pushin' keys like Beethoven
The rest of y'all niggas is f*ck niggas
Y'all f*ck niggas like Frank Ocean
Shout out to my nigga Drehova
For the bread I spray toasters
I have my goons hoppin' out of trucks like
That chinese nigga off Hangover man
Y'all niggas so animated, the pop in my car
Like I'm at a station I run in your church while
The pastor prayin', put your top in the air like
Graduation, buffs white, my glasses racist
Bitch bend over, I'm ‘bout to stab like Jason
She gave me head I came in her eye
She seen it coming like That's So Raven
Gettin' money, turnin' up, f*ckin' bitches
Just to kill time, nigga my niggas
Is the real mob so slow it down like
A yield sign, that chopper sing like Jill Scott
Make your mama scream like Lil Jon
Bitch shut the f*ck up and give me brain
Like a scientist, I'm Bill Nye
Shout out to my real niggas, I don't
Give a f*ck about nothing else hoes get around
And what goes around, comes around
Like a f*cking belt, my nigga what the hell
I'm doing me let me do my thang like I touch myself
Your money shorter than a f*cking elf
I'm so hot everything I touch
I melt 'cause I'm

Cash Kidd, I be stuntin'
Yo' bitch love black dick so I'm f*ckin'

[Verse 2]
Nigga I'm Cash Kidd call me money
These niggas faker than catfish and it's funny
Cuffin' that rat bitch you a dummy
Boy, I got a white girl with good head
She mop me up then go do my mans
I'm a pass that bitch to Pootaman
I bust a nut then I do my dance
If it's beef we can shoot
Or get these hands nigga don't worry
‘Bout who my shooters is hit the strip club
And I threw some bands, in the air
Like Superman, bitch I'm cold as ice, y'all niggas
Hotter than a bowl of rice, I swear, I got more hoes
Than dykes, she hop on the dick
She ride it faster than a stolen bike
These hoes is trife, you cuffin' that
Runner 'cause nigga you live that lonely life
It's my only life so it's only right I'm on
Top of my cheese like a overbite
I'm tryna get it, nigga, all my bitches is exclusive
My pockets fat so when they see me they say
"How you doin'", Rasputia
I like older bitches cause they know the business
Y'all niggas softer than a bowl of chicken
I pull up and y'all run in the house like Homer Simpson
At the first beginning, I'm sick and tired
Of these thirsty bitches, thirsty hoes
Tryna get popped, on dick knockers
I get guap bitch you wasn't with me on the
M Block you dick suckin' so shit, f*ck it I'ma
Slide in it like a flip flop, give you five minutes
When my time finished, let live hit it then bitch bye
Used to walk the Henny's for a slice of pizza
f*ck a bitch, put her out bye Felicia
It's a good chance that I f*cked your bitch then
I prolly passed her like a preacher
She smash brothers like Super Mario
Mama mia it was nice to meet ya'
All y'all niggas is p*ssy and I ball yo' ass
Like gonorrhoea 'cause I'm

Cash Kidd and I be stuntin'
Your bitch love black dick so I'm f*ckin'

[Verse 3]
If her ass stiff I don't want it
Say naw [?] bring that ass here cause I'm horny
Spread your legs bitch like Jordan
Man, what the f*ck is up with these weak niggas
Keep stressin' over these freak bitches
My pockets thick like Delicious
Y'all washed up like clean dishes
I peep niggas they sneak dissin', better chill
'Cause I hang with a bunch of goons
If I want ‘em to, they'll bust the tool
And send a nigga to the upper room
Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, bitch give me head
‘Till tomorrow morning, I gotta pay to ride me, car insurance
I'm strapped up cause all these niggas
Tryin' to kill a kid like child abortion
I f*cked yo' bitch, her p*ssy was wack and her mouth was boring What you like her for? I'm Cash k-i-double d
Can't f*ck with me, who the f*ck is he?
He's the all brand nigga tryin' to jump in beef
So he can get a buzz like a bumblebee
I'm chillin' tho, YP with me he sippin' slow
This drink purple, I stay Snapple like a mean turtle
I'm geeked up, Steve Urkel
Your bitch can't get shit from me, not a cent from me, not a cheeseburger
And if any nigga come trippin' I let them
Choppers sing, choir rehearsal
I got hella bands, hella bands [?] these Tru Religions
Try to rob me, don't do it nigga
I got a lotta guns like Stewie Griffin
Don't ever cuff these choosin' bitches
'Cause whoever winnin' that's who she pickin'
f*cked yo' bitch to some New Edition
Tear that shit up like a movie ticket
My bitch bad she need school detention
I nail that bitch like crucifixion
I don't even smoke but my niggas ridin' ‘round
With that Keisha like Bobby Gibson 'cause I'm

Cash Kidd I be stuntin'
Yo' bitch love black dick so we runnin', f*ck it
Bitch, my name been buzzin', I got a Chinese bitch
That look like Jeremy Lin cousin
I'm Cash Kidd and I been stuntin'

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Songwriter(s): Cash Kidd
Record Label(s): 2017 Cash Kidd
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