Love Song Lyrics

(Don't tell me "I told you so," Asher)
I done made enough, uh
Disrespectful songs to these beautiful women, you feel me?
So I'ma finally make a love song
(Damn, Ancient, why'd you have to do 'em like that?)

Kicked her out, sent her shit to the storage like iCloud (f*ck on)
Pull up, drop a nigga top like it's nice out (Baow)
Got so many niggas touched, I should be fouled out
When I say I got your bitch archin', ain't her eyebrow, huh (Fact)
Fell off, then made thirty in a few hours (Bands)
Ooh, she the best with the tongue, call her Shoe Doctor (Ooh)
Bitch left my socks on the wall like a Foot Locker
I'll fast-talk your bitch like I'm Boomhauer (Fast)
I want all throat, you can sleep with the bitch (That's your bitch)
This your whole ho, I'm just leasin' a bitch (For real)
Y'all meant for each other, you can keep the lil' bitch
She a meatlover, she just want a piece of this dick (Get it?)
I see loyalty in L, so I treat him like my kid (My nigga)
These niggas too emotional, I treat 'em just like Jig
I'ma always love you, dawg, but can't forget 'bout what you did (I can't)
Yoshi whacked a nigga, beat the case, they said my nigga snitched
How the f*ck is a nigga gon' snitch on himself? (How?)
Got no love for a bitch, I got rich by myself (Swear)
All my old hoes broke, spent they rent on a belt (Uh)
Put a play on a nigga, do the skit by myself, f*ck it (f*ck it)
I been on the road tourin' like LeToya Luckett
I knew who I was gon' be before I started buzzin'
It take money to go to war, so don't start nothin'
Hangin' out the window, get to airin' like a fart comin' (Baow)
Niggas ain't really sayin' shit like an arm puppet (Nothin')
Finna turn it up on these niggas like my part comin'
I'm tired of listenin' to you talk, bitch, start suckin' (Right now)
Or you can start truckin'
Quit my nine-to-five, told 'em, "This shit ain't for me"
Then I scammed a lump sum of the government's money (Oops)
Please do not call me by my government, honey
Since you say you really love me, go and suck some dick for me
Bring it all back to daddy, you can be my lil' boo (For real)
Word on the street we gettin' sixty a blue
I just did a turnaround like a Michigan U
I don't f*ck with the pigs, I ain't Winnie the Pooh
They had Dom for kidnappin', but he innocent, ooh
Put a nigga in a trunk like he gettin' in a pool
Thirty on me and one like skip to my lou
Got the ladder with the hammer like I'm fixin' a roof
Bullets jumpin' off the ladder, WWE
I got fifty thousand your nigga ain't f*ckin' with me (Bands)
You a demon with the neck, then I might punch you some weave
40 spittin' out shells like they sunflower seeds
I done spent two thousand on a couple of tees (Light)
My bitch ass so fat, she gotta jump in her jeans (No cap)
I just bumped into Kimoni for a couple of beans (My baby)
Hollows to your Adam's apple like you f*ckin' with Eve, nigga

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Songwriter(s): Cash Kidd
Record Label(s): 2020 4746 Global EMPIRE
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