Hml Lyrics

f*ck with me, uh

Dark skin, big dick, with bands you can't beat it
Busting up the leaves she said "Damn you can't eat it?"
Bitch hell naw, I ain't your friend I'm conceited
I'm the man bitch you see it, diamonds dance like Aaliyah
Right hand up to Jesus, ion like her, Lil Mike her
Give me head if you thieving, I ain't staying bitch I'm leaving
Hit her friend got her singing like the Pledge of Allegiance
Getting bread like a pita, yo' bitch ran like a cheetah
My P popped a Xan and he leaning I'mma pray for him
I woke up counting bands it's a great morning, I'm on a roll like I'm skateboarding
The 40 on me I stay with that big bitch but I ain't Norbit
2 cellphones and your bitch ain't got either number, lil bitch always tryna see me but I'm Stevie Wonder
She gave me head and I ain't even f*ck her, I need a cover, I'm cold these niggas chilly like Keke Palmer

How you doing p*ssy nigga? (How ya' doing?)
We been eating good
If I had one wish like Ray J, I wish a nigga would

Bitch I'm from the East Side, 6 Mile nigga
All these niggas tryna get down with us
Oh no, make a bitch go home, throw a peace sign nigga
Leave that bitch hanging like a bee hive nigga
I'm chilling, chilling, chilling in this bitch
Boy I'm feeling like the shit up in this bitch
Nigga that's your girl, I'm gon' toss some tints up in that bitch
Tell her "Suck a nigga dick up in this bitch I'm the man"
Recognize a motherf*ckin' boss when you see one
You a p*ssy boy, I see through you like Capri-Sun
f*ck for five minutes, then I tell that bitch "we done"
I make her bring it back, bring it back like a refund
Oh no, shout out my nigga E, real nigga since day one shout out my nigga G
Snapback fresh lineup, shout out my nigga Fe
Make your bitch give me head put on a rubber she use teeth
Shoot the chopper at his feet when it's hotter than a beach
Nigga pick your favorite picture I'm gon prop it on a tee
Hit the booth and go crazy when I'm hopping on the beat
Ask about us we get it popping on the East (p*ssy)
I got some real niggas in the West too
When I shoot your girl better wear a vest too
Bitch you stay tryna talk about your ex-boo, Ian tryna hear that shit, bitch what that neck do
Cause I ain't cuffin-ating, my pimping underrated, all these hoes treat us like we f*cking famous
Getting head in public places, ion give a f*ck if the police catch me with a pistol at least I wasn't dangling
Walk in the club he staring at my wrist, while I'm staring at his bitch, while she staring at my dick
On my mama I am not a f*cking lick, f*ck you mean, come and see, Cash Kidd, double "D"

f*ck with me motherf*cker
f*ck with me motherf*cker
f*ck with me motherf*cker
f*ck with me motherf*cker
Hit my line, hoe

Uh, Free Lee they got my mans up in the slammer
Niggas tryna nail me so my hand stay on the hammer
You'll see your life flash like a camera
Banana clips put you to sleep, call that bananas in pajamas
f*ck a bitch then call her a rat where's my manners, never call her back after I smash her
Got your main bitch on my lap and I ain't Santa Claus pause
I ball like I got cancer, you know that mean I ball like Amber Rose, Y'all dick sucking more than Amber Cole
I make it reindeer but I ain't prancer, no
I'mma bout to start Wild N' Out like the Nick Cannon show, bitch

f*ck with me motherf*cker (Hoe)
f*ck with me motherf*cker (Hoe)
f*ck with me motherf*cker (Hoe)
Hit my line, hoe

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Songwriter(s): Marc Smith
Record Label(s): 2017 Cash Kidd
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