God Is Exalted Lyrics

Spoken: "Good afternoon everyone. This is your First Officer speaking, and it's a beautiful day for flyin'.
There's a few clouds in the distance, but, we'll be climbin' above them very quickly. Your Captain will
be speaking to you periodically. We're first in line for take off. And it's great to have you with us. Thank you."

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard Major-C Airlines flight 777 to Jam City. As a victory precaution
please place all excess baggage under your feet or in an enclosed area behind you. The exit row on
our flight today is row 666. For those of you seated by the exit row please familiarize yourself with
the passenger salvation card located in the seat pocket in front of you. Thank you for flying with us
and once again, welcome aboard."

God is exalted
God is exalted

I'm takin' off, off to a higher place
A higher level where the devil
Don't have power 'cause Christ be the King
In other words, this be a Jesus thing

So hold on tightly 'cause there just might be
Friction and turbulence, so grab a grip
And stop trippin' 'cause the devil want to see you
Slippin' into darkness

Put on your wings, fly through the clouds
Our destination is Salvation
So make sure you check into the right location
And don't forget to get that first class reservation

Which be the blood of the Lamb
Jesus Christ is the caption in command
And with Christ as the caption we are sure to
Fly the friendly skies

God is exalted and Satan is defeated
Jesus Christ is Lord
God is exalted and Satan is defeated
Jesus Christ is Lord
Spoken:"Ladies and gentlemen the Captain has illuminated the fasten seat belt sign due to turbulence in the area.
We do ask that you return to your seats with your seat belts securely fastened."

Watch out, there's a storm ahead
We're hittin' the air pockets, but just like rockets
We're breakin' free spiritually
A three point landing guaranteed

Stay buckled to the Word of God
It keeps us strong, away from wrong
Uppity, uppity up where we belong
So off we go

But now you all see the R.I.O.T. posse
Ain't gonna crash like a kamikaze
So let's keep flying to the sky and
Don't listen to the devil cause he be lyin'


Spoken:"Because of turbulence any traditionally service will be discontinued at this time"

"Hello everyone this is your First Officer again. The Captain has informed me that in order to avoid the choppy weather, we'll be climbing to a much higher altitude, where we know the air is smooth. You'll like it better up there. Thank you."

He's exalted
God's exalted

Spoken: "In preparation for landing, return tray tables and seat backs to their full upright and locked positions. And please, hang on tight."


Spoken: "Ladies and gentlemen, it is our pleasure to welcome you to jam city. If you need further assistance
check with a uniformed Major-C agent who will direct you to the nearest transport vehicle.
On behalf of the entire crew, it has been our pleasure to have you on board today.
When your future plans call for air travel we hope you will again choose Major-C airlines."

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Songwriter(s): T.-Bone, Tommy Sims, Paul Dean Carman
Record Label(s): 1995 Sparrow Records
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