Pirates Code Lyrics

(Cap D)
part one, you can always drink rum
if there's a time that we find
that we be in a bind,
there isn't any left
for the good of our kind
a retrenchment shall be voted
and you'll have to drink whine
rule two, you never screw some one in the crew
in a game of dice for the gold they've accrued
number three, You pirates always listen to me
cause the captain makes it happen when your on the sea
now four, if you ever bringin sallies from shores
we'll maroon you on an island, ye can live with that
number five, it aint wise to devise any lies
or keep secrets from the crew
bout what you found on a prize
rule six if yer blitz on the deck of the ship
in the time of battle you'll be hit with a whip
and remember when you're smokin
put a cap up on that tokin
in the hold with all the powder
or your neck we be a chokin

We livin in piracy it has to be
A live and free democracy
We rock the sea
The code will be the road for me
I'd die for you, would you die for me?
We live by the code, we die by the code
finding the gold and lining our holds we know
we the brethren of the coast
them buccaneers with the most
raise a toast to yer brothers
while ye speakin that oath (what?)

(Cap D)
The captain gets two to one pieces of 8
and one and three quarters for the ships 1st mate
one and a half for cooks fillin our plates
the same for the cooper who be makin them crates
Doctors get equal fer saving our fates
and the gunner and bos'n also taking those stakes
musicians get commissions fer spittin
hip hop rhymes while we trippin
and renditions of missions that we winnin
Each man aboard receives equal shares
of the booty,the plunder, and the luxury wares
and so each shall have an even say in affairs
but if ye stealin from each other,
then ye better beware
moses law,
when ye break the last straw
39 lashings got for flappin yer jaws
from the from the site of the crew
you'll have to withdraw
Sea Dawg, the quarter master rippin ya raw
(Sea Dawg)
I be the quartermaster, crossin' me's a quick road to
If ye dare to take an unfair share and i'm made aware
on the deck ye'll be placed
and the captain's daughter you'll be sure to taste
The number of lashings depends on offense,
scars serve as reminders to have more sense
I be cunning, keep this vessel up and running
Oversee that the gunners are sober enough to be gunning
When we capture a ship, I split up what we earn, i
decide what we keep and decide what we burn
I'm first off to battle! and last to return
I'm the best at what I do, so watch and learn
in charge of distribution, prize, powder, and execution
If a matey acts up, I've got the solution
from havin em swab decks to breakin their necks
the quartermaster position is quite complex

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Record Label(s): 2008 Nonexistent Recordings

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