My Cannon Lyrics

My cannon's always loaded, makin' all o yo shit
little clap clap's got nothin on my boom boom

You son of a sea cook
you'll get sent to shore
I'll bitch slap you with my hook
and then I'll throw you off the port
because im informed by my stag
yous a scallywag, wave a flag
of defiance, broke alliance, no compliance
so give my regard to poseidon
raise these sails then we glidin
tellin tales of these pirates
loot and riot
never quiet
when we driftin on the ship
over hot waters
cause I broke in to the castle
and took the governors daughters
marauders we slauter anything one
gets in our path
youll feel the wrath of my axe
when it cuts you in half
avast, I think we spotted our treasure
no need for desperate measures
but I keep the cannons loaded
so know it I'm devoted to getting jewels
yall fools some land lubbers
hide under the covers
we're like no others
we plunder, no wonder
our name is spread across the 7 seas
due to his expertise,
the crew agrees you don't ever cross captain D!


I've got my cannons loaded blowin open holes in your
while my peg leg parrot's restin up on my shoulder
noones colder, than this black hearted pirate seeking
women gold and rum
wherever I can acquire it fire at will
with the intent to kill
the smell of gun powder yo it gives me thrills
so here's the deal we're some eyepatch wearin killas
comin runnin through your villas
rapin hoes killin foes I got scurvy and it shows
just like davey jones with skulls and crossbones leavin
ashes in our wake
we take whatever catches my one eye I'm not shy its
time you die
or give me the kings weight in reply
in gold treasures or hats witih feathers
even his daughters pleasures choose whichever
and you better do it quick you got until the candle
burns out of its wick
take your pick its just in the nick of time
before I blast you with my cannon


Sea Dawg:
My cannons six feet end to tip a whole room holds the
its got balls the size of my balls that bring down
sink the hulls of vessels think its an uneven score?
you won't know what hit you til you wake up on the
with no arms and no legs and no eyes you surprised?
that your ship sank so fast after just one blast from
big gun hit and run
ye cant take me on one on one I will not be outdone
that yer ship? not anymore
better hand her over fore she goes to the floor of the
ye hear me?
you'll smell your own skin burn
as I perforate your bitch from her bow to her stern
shut up fools, ye know that I'm in charge here
light the wick and all my foes disappear
into a cloud of blood
smoke guts and gore
no more swimming singing breathing for you anymore


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Record Label(s): 2006 Nonexistent Recordings
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