Pimpin These Hoes Lyrics

Pimpin These Hoes Im Pimpin Im Pimpin Im Pimpin These Hoes [x4]

Heavy Cheavy Ridin
Slipin Slidin
Thru Da City Slow
Blowin Dro
Countin Dough
Man Watch How I Pimp These Hoes
Do My Thang Slangin Thangs
Sleet Hail Snow Or Rain
I Dont Give A La La f*ck Bitch U Better Have My Change
A Broad Told Me She Dont Kno If She Cumin Or Goin
Olny Thing She Kno Is Dat She Hoein Like A Pro An
Gotta A Bitch In College Wit Knowledge Who Like To Swallow
So U Kno She Keep A Stack Of Big Faces In My Pocket
Droppin Game Gotta A Dame On A Rope Trap A Dame
U Kno Who Dem Da Ones Who Get In Dem Hoes Brain
Niggas Walk Like Pimps
And Talk Like Pimps
But If U Can Break A Bitch U Aint No Muthaf*ckin Pimp
Yous A Weak Ass Rookie
Soft Like A Cookie
Yo Ho Out Of Part Man I Caught Dat Ho Lookin
Niggas Pay For p*ssy And Fall In Love Quick
But Not Me (Un Un) I'll Pimp Me A Bitch

Pimpin These Hoes Im Pimpin Im Pimpin Im Pimpin These Hoes [x4]

Man I'll Pimp Me A Bitch With No Problem
Ho Aint Got My Money Beat Dat Ass And Make Her Holler
U Kno How It Go
I Da Pimp U Da Ho
U f*ck And Suck
I Can Let Mine Go
Got A Bitch Named Ann And She Shake It In Da Club
She Like To Pop Ex And Show Yo Boy Much Love
She Bought Me Four Tv's And A Spinnin Set Of Dubs
And Down To Do Whatever Anytime I Hit Her Up
My Ho Peaches Yeah A Ol' Shopliftin Chick
Keep Ya Dopeboy Fresh Wit Brand New Outfits
Cant Forget About Jane Dats My Gansta Bitch
Drop Her Of Dem Pounds Of Weed And She Slang My Shit
I Attend To Keep On Pimpin And Keep On Thugin
I'll f*ck Me A Bitch An Past Her To My Cousin
Im A Player For Life Dog It Aint No Lovin
G's Up Hoes Down Bitch I Cant Be Yo Husband

Pimpin These Hoes Im Pimpin Im Pimpin Im Pimpin These Hoes [x4]

Jack And Jill Went Up Da Hill To Fetch A Pail
I Went Up Da Hill To Get My Money From Da Preacher Daughter
Jack Beat Up And Jack Beat Quick
Hell Naw Jack A Trick
Jack Gave Dat Bitch 100 Dollars Just To Jack His Dic
Ol' Mac Donald Had A Ho He Take Her Everywhere He Go
Me I Pimped Dat Bitch And Get His Dough E I E I O
Nick Nack Patty Wat
Bitch Where My Paper At
Got Little Red Ridin Hood
Sellin p*ssy In Da Woods
Humpty Dumpty Sat On A Wall
Had 10 Hoes And Lost Them All
Nigga Wasnt Pimpin Right So He Took A Big Fall
Hell Naw Listen Dog The Moral Of The Story Is
Pay For Hoes p*ssy Better Learn How To Break A Bitch

Pimpin These Hoes Im Pimpin Im Pimpin Im Pimpin These Hoes [x4]

Yeah Nigga 2000 Something
Tell Dem Bitches Aint Nothin
Ya Heard Me If A Bitch Aint Breakin Me Bread
A Bitch Aint Doin Nothin For Me Ya Heard Me
Bitch I Can Jack Me Dick And Get Da Same Nine Then To Get Up In Yo Dog Ass
So Bitch U Aint Breakin On Bread U Can Keep Yo Head Ho U Kno What Im Talikn Bout
Cause I Been Doin This And Dat Since I Was A Jit
And I Aint Never Give A f*ck About A Bich
See Hoes Cum In Dime Of Dozens Ya Heard Me
I f*ck Dem Hoes And Past Them To My Cousin
Aint No Lovin Bitch U Better Bring Me Dat Cash Flow
I Dont Give A f*ck How U Got It
As Long As U Got It To Go In My Pockets Ya Heard Me
Big Pimpin 2004

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