17 Shots Lyrics

1234 bitch nigga here we go 17 shots got em definately screamin like a ho [x2]

My miny mil spit 17 my choppa should fit it and plus I got a red beam don't make me turn yo block into a murda scene
Yo nigga head on da curb cause u got served like a dope fiend let's ride on our enemy's open fire and don't retire tell them niggaz bleed
Can't u see that we ain't to be f*cked with the type a niggaz that u don't wanna get stuck with better duck bitch
Hot bullets burn like a mutha f*cking perm I give a f*ck if yo brother and sister home I'm killing all yo momma gern
Shit nigga you ain't dealing with no f*ck nigga u dealing with a pure pain rough nigga that bust niggaz

[Chorus: x4]
1234 bitch nigga here we go 17 shots got em definately screaming like a ho

I'm trying to hold that real shit go kill shit buckle up and guard your grill bitch to 9 millis full of clips ya'll niggaz better give no?
Pull a choopas fry that ass like bacon leave your brain shook and shaken while your body sitting stanking you thinkin I was gonna get
Let u hear the sound of that soft sillouette that's my mutha f*cking tech get wet in yo neck head chest it don't matter
My slugs cut ya ass like glass as soon as it shatter now p what I'm saying I'm laying niggas died in a hurry
You talking shit while running yo mouth u be the first to get buried but don't worry I kill um quick with violence on the roof top with the infred driving to silence

[Chorus x4]

4321 big green got a gun nigga shot up yo block and watch em run I keep that milli mill cause shit get really real out on that battle field watch all that blood spill
When the slugs start flying mutha f*ckas start dying got a car from the mourge and now the boss crying these niggas cheap niggaz
That leave niggas paralyzed wishing they died others leave deep sea niggaz ain't giving a f*ck these days they buck these days
Laying in the cut what clutching the K killin the whole clique then throw it away they don't wanna none of that day ya ya ya

[Chorus x4]

I keep that nitty in my purse mo mo gonna shoot first cock it back and let it burst when worse come to worse
Cause a bitch can't get caught sleeping? got the tendincy to up and grab it when instabating 380 or the 9 automatic it get real in that status seea bitch be jacking
Late night shit when they attacking a ratta tat tattin I'm a gangsta bitch and a shankle bitch I put 17 slugs in nigga quick like a cigar his shit split u nit with squeeze my trigger tell my shit go click click

[Chorus x6]

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Record Label(s): 2020 Pure Pain Records, LLC Flauge Ent The Real Street Certified Entertainment, LLC
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