Cal Scruby


Hollywood Lyrics

I'll start actin' wild
I'll go Hollywood

[Verse 1]
Gas up, lift off
Pass that, picked off
Walk in, drip sauce
Red-green flip flops
When I get pissed off
Don't get involved
Cause I don't hiptoss
I Chris Benoit
Off of the top rope
I get it crackin' you not dope
Rappers be talkin' like they got the plug
And they don't even got the aux cord
I'm independent the label can get it
Yeah I got a lot more
I've just been waiting on someone to call
From an area code in Toronto

Watch that happen now
I'll go Hollywood I'll start actin' wild
Watch that happen now (watch)
I'll go Hollywood, yeah

[Verse 2]
Call up the devil lets make up a deal
*brrrt* "Hello?"
He want a soul, I want 500 mil
If that's on the table let's make that quick
I want the same thing you gave Justin Bieber
That same thing you gave Taylor Swift (uh)
Whatever that is I need it
I need money to the ceilin'
I wanna get in and spend it
Get in and spend it again and repeat it
I wanna get the expensivest thing on the menu and not even eat it
I wanna crib that I stay in I wan' be so famous I can't even leave it
Don't put my name in a mag my family boutta be mad when they read it
I don't really want attention but they in my mention callin' me conceded Replyin' with something I shouldn't I tweet it but before I get to delete it
They TMZ it, got the screenshot and now they see you hidin' everybody gotta see it

Watch that happen now (watch)
I'll go Hollywood I'll start actin' wild (watch)
Watch that happen now
I'll go Hollywood (watch)

[Verse 3]
Andre on my neck tucked in
That's 3k that's not no flex
I wish I could take that back
I had to get that off my chest
I just played that new Jay-Z
That shit made me wan' invest
Then I play that Ariana
That shit make me wan' have sex (heh)
I keep it moving with no navigation
If she choosin' then she usually come to my location
I think you need a new occupation
Ooh your girl gave me the job without no application
Yeah, that was easy tag that ho like lime graffiti
Green paint job like I'm Luigi
Rolling Yoshi feelin' Peachy
She was tryna lose me
Now she tryna reach me
I could use a few drinks
She could use a Fiji
(Mama mia)

Watch that happen now (watch)
I'll go Hollywood I'll start actin' wild
Watch that happen now (watch)
I'll go Hollywood (watch, watch)

"I don't know who it is Sharon
They won't stop callin' me."

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Songwriter(s): Cal Scruby
Record Label(s): 2019 The Lunar Society
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