One More For The Hataz


One More For The Hataz Lyrics

As I step on the block the hataz surround
I gotta watch my back cause they don't play around
I know people that I used to call my friends
But know I see them tryin' to get me all for ends

I got jealous rappers who want me to fall
I got people who don't like me for no reason at all
So what, Tell a playa what he's supposed to do
When ya hatin' on him but the joke is you fool
It ain't my fault you made a weak cd
So check yourself before you try to check me
You say you pimpin' girls all over the world
But you cried like a baby cause I called your girl
Now ya tell ya boyz that my music sucks
And if you see me around you gonna open me up
Its on, I never run, I never ever hide
If you hatin' I be waitin when you there on the ride

Why you hatin on my I never hated on you
It's one more for the hataz
I see the envy in your eyes tell me whatcha gonna do
It's one more for the hataz
I never hated on you but you hatin' on me
It's one more for the hataz
I didn't want it but your bout it so thats how it's gotta be
It's one more for the hataz

When I was drivin' a bucket everybody was cool
Money never mattered, we acted a fool
But now I got a 4 door Chevy on dubs
Now all my boys be actin' like scrubs
Approachin' me while I'm at the show
Sayin' look at you now, you makin' all the dough
I see it in they eyes they don't like me know mo'
Then they followed me out when it was time to go
They said, Bukshot ya livin' life good
Makin' all that cash but forgot about the hood
It ain't like that I got a family to feed
But the look in they face was all about greed
My instinct told my they gonna try to rob
But here come the cops tryin' to do they job
They told us to leave we'll have to finish it later
I gotta watch my back again for these hataz


Never had a song playin' on the radio
I never had a top 10 hit video
But I put in some work and hustled my ass
Ballin' cd's out the trunk for cash
Now I'm blowin' up like a bomb on the street
So I hit the record store
It's time to compete, bringin heat
I'm the # 1 sellin' cd
The weak came out but you still hatin' me
Whatcha got against representin' the 'Ville
You should never knock the hustle when the hustle is real
Been sayin' for years he got a album comin' out
But knowin' damn well that ya runnin' at the mouth
Tellin' everybody you signed a deal
But record labels don't sign what they can't feel
Prayin' for a playa like myself to fall
Dedicated to my hataz this song's for yall


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Record Label(s): 2000 Mobstyle Music
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