You Can't Fuck With Us Lyrics

Ah, heard ya niggas wanna murder we
Huh, what? Probably you never heard that we
Droppin bombs, who that be? Mr. Swan
Here to kill our rivals on CD-ROM
Be, Generals ST & BD, bout to make history, just like graffiti
You can't f*ck wit it, it's the topic
So wit no further adieu, please drop it

Frustration, builds upon the master of the ceremony
The master of the ceremony, is the M.C. on stage
But, if it's BDI, then you'll be in a daze
Trapped in my double D, like you in a maze
The God Don Rullian, said word is bond, BD it's time to shine
So my number one role is to get rid of the swine
Devil in the blue dress, wit the brooder finesse
The black robe and the black vest

Oh, someone whose quick to come around you
Leave from around you, then they talk about you
Someone constantly try to down you
Get down and then they try to hound you
You can't f*ck wit a nigga like that
Can't f*ck wit us, cuz our shit's so phat
Fit like a cold frigid iceberg sittin in the freezer
Be the one's makin your spot hot like the heater
Watch me K.I.M. wit the speed of a cheetah
Me and my sons, like DJ'in wit them Adidas
Soarin, tourin, over the bullshit
So you know the camp that you can't f*ck wit

[Chorus x6]
You can't f*ck wit us

What's that shit, it's some shit called jealousied
I think it's airborne, so I cover up my mouth and eyes
When I get around mad niggas, up in the club, downin mad liquor
As they drink, I proceed to think
whose the first one to make the comment
That, Buck ain't shit, behind my back
The God ST predicted this shit, I'm sick of this shit
It's two many niggas on my licorice shit
Sweatin BDI for a flick, but you can't f*ck wit this, nigga

Considerin everything that I'd been through
Got me lookin for someone else to get into
To satisfy my needs, but ain't no satisfyin greed
So it seems what I need is all mental
In the struggle I strive to keep my eyes on the prize
But the prize keeps missin my reach
I realize, that the closer I get, the further it seems
Am I wide awake, or am I livin the dreams
I see myself in the big scheme, elevatin
Me and my fam will amount to many great things
So don't think you can f*ck wit us, you can't f*ck wit us

[Chorus to fade]

[Buckshot rhymin simply in the background]

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Songwriter(s): Jonathan Smith

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