One A Da Lass Sicc Lyrics

Lynch x1
Im one 'a da las' sicc niggaz that you heard thus far
You can bump me at the crib
Or while you off that nitro in your car
But i don't say that to say that im a superstar
But if u get high
Then u can feel me no matter who u are.
Now i got medieval
And i had to leave them weak niggaz alone
Situation dirty
Squeaky clean
Brotha lynch hung.
That's right i gotsta have my weed
Lord knows im a fiend
(this nigga don't respect me)
45 for the piece.
Nigga please
I be spendin g's
Hold up nigga freeze
Come up off that weed now u done f*cked around and went up on me.
I want that whole zip lock full of shamrock
And if you ditch it in yo pocket I'ma heat the heat and leave you in a
Meat lock
Now dats my nogga
Hes to the side with a mask on
Im's give u 15 percent so if u need to get yo blast on
And that's a fat zone
That's a good start
U can sac off to the service
(or what)
Take it to the heart.
Im a lil nigga
Thinkin big
Cut yo nuts off and leave you screamin like a starved pig
Hold you hostage in yo crib
Plan the whole stuation out so I got first dibs.
Now bigger than life is how I comin out
Rigorous and vigorous
You niggaz know what im talkin bout.
I want cheese and lettuce in my wallet so fetish
And im on a break through like Jerome Bettis pro status.
All this time i got grime on my mind
Every dime i spend it on some weed and some studio time
Drink Ol E out the Mickeys big mouth
My point is
I be in the cut tryna' keep these SHNAKES out my house

(Lynch Hung)
You know I push play on brain one day
And it played back some shit-
Some shit containing
(some shit containing)
I mean talk to me
Lynch x2
Im one a da' las sicc niggaz that u heard thus far
U can bump me at yo crib
Or while u off that nitro in yo car
But i don't say that to say that im a superstar
But if u get high u can feel me no matter who u are.
Nigga now i shit lyrics
But i can't use 'em
Have yo son trippin
Brotha lynch hung loopin (loopin)
They be off that bottle talkin bout brotha lynch be talkin bout
Sick shit
I heard he ate his mama out.
Now how this mothaf*cka gon' write some shit
Bout the brotha lynch hung
Cause he killin in his songs
He said-
That niggas shit tight
But he aint shit
He said-
God as my witness i heard he f*cked thim biytches
Which is supposed to be wrong criticizing my love song
U hit the rope
f*ckin with the brotha lynch hung.
Roll information, make intimidation
Catch u on yo weed high (weed high)
Ill tow u up like a pitch bin
Feelin dick hard when you better get yo bitch in
It gets thin
And im off this Black & Mild shit
Tall Can told me it's smooth and now im buyin boxes of it
Tryin to relax and deal with these taxes
Cause they be at my checks with them axes
20 sac's
Im in the backseat
Im licenseless
Hope my mothaf*ckin babys mam aint no shiesty bitch
She wanna publish shit
Aight that's cool
She want some other shit
Get off the hydro too.
Niggas think i always talk about em cause i talk shit
My worst nightmare is killin my bitch for tryin to get my grits
Im like Marc Spits
I swim a channel for my shit
And watch yo heart split
Im doin damage to yo biytch (doin damage to yo biytch)
And while yo heart switch you better remember where you came from

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Record Label(s): 2009 Black Market Records
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