Friday Night Lyrics (feat. Cos)

Aie C.O. I think they forgot
Ma nigga can you please remind these motha f**kaaas

Its the main cam dog get it confused
Im in the attic with the latern tryna write to through the flu
Sicker than sick tryna find the right move
Cause all i see is, blood on the wall drippin right on my shoes
This blood stains on the bathroom sink
Mixed drinks, bloody murder turn your bathroom pink
Im cuttin right through, every vein and every artery
The pain became a part of me, the porn house putting targets like a archery
My bloody valentine put a whole where his heart'll be
Tell him cancel Christmas take the lights down its dark to me
These niggas are bitches hit the court, L.A. sparks to me
Ima give them ditches pitchforks graveyards to sleep
Im a Braveheart Mel Gibson, its how ima speak
f**k everybody, and they Momma thats what ima teach
Dump everybody, in the water with piranhas Dee
And theyll never find em, if they do they been gone for weeks
Decompose, i compose up a little murder show
Lights off, curtains close then ima let the burner go
Blood on his wife, and his momma, furthermore
This a madesicc camp crystal lake murder flow
Everything you heard before, just dont cut it
Now we back with razor blades and alcohol that we can guzzle
Mr.Nobrandt you can feel my nature
Rise through the ceiling puffin' taylors with some taylors

Thats what happened on a friday night
Bloody murder in your bedroom ima try that knife
A lot of people had to die that night
I got to eat, so that means you gon' fry that night
I gotta eat

Body sweatin like a Juggalo
I just murdered a whole family, bodies was droppin like dominoes
I slit they neck and i hit every room pokin on mothaf**kas like they was getting a tattoo
But it goes real deep, get some real sleep
Suicide watch nigga trust me i ain't scared to creep
I ain't scared to die, im prepared to die
They ain't scared to lie, they ain't there for I
So im just leavin em bleedin you can believe that im breathin
Long as im breathin no liquid bout to be seepin
Lyrically eatin men, i got an appetite
These niggs ain't actin right, and they ain't rappin right
So i shook em and i took em to the afterlife
You could watch me cook em look im eatin fried brains tonight
This is a set up, niggas 'bout to get wet up
No matter what you think about me i will never let up

Im a rollin stone, i carry magazines
I dont care to stab a spleen im a hungry human being
See i create murder scenes, thats what i do thats my job
Learned it from the creep mob in the gardens (wuddup cuh)
Im a hard head, rollin with a pistol
Hard head nigga with a pistol thats schizo
Our leg cuts a lot of crystal im a sicko
Car keys give em to me im about to skeet skirt
Nigga my feet hurt, try to walk in my shoes
Dont nobody wanna go through shit just like i do
Dont nobody wanna get the clip get the bad news
Dont nobody wanna get the bullet hole tattoos
Im a pull it close, rap dudes, get treated like breakfast
Specially when my set rip, lynch hung necklace
Been done tested, the .357 but i used the coathanger.

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Record Label(s): 2011 Strange Music
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