Backpack-n-eldorado Lyrics

Age zero in Alabama
On wire road in a camper
Son of a sad mom and a genius with bad grammar
Moved to Atlanta
Drivin' down Buford in a Pontiac
Pops was all that
Sat me off in the back with Jim and Jack
Knew I'd grow up to be him
By the time I was 12 drinkin' vodka and gin
Throwin' rocks on the interstate
Thinkin' it was all great
When I finally met that white girl
Things started to break

Darkness mayhem I start to swayin'
4 days up and I start decayin'
Filthy, stinky, drinkin', invadin' homes
Lookin' for what I'm fadin'

High poison arrow
with a backpack and an eldorado
High poison arrow and U betta look up
cuz U know that I'm comin' down

Got outta rehab in the spring
Started doin my thing
Had been to hell twice and I was only 17
Managed to stay sober
Hustle and get over
fell in love, got played
Heart got mowed over
Had to start takin' meds
Somethin' wrong with my head
Turnin' into my momma layin' off in the bed
A 6-year time lapse
Good times and raps
Got me a new girl and headed for relapse

My stinkin', thinkin', on the brink and drinkin'
You wanna argue and bicker
You might as well put my mouth to the liquor
You want it, let's start it
You want psychotic, you got it
Don't be neurotic, to hell with logic
I'll show you idiotic

I grab the keys up off the table
Told my girl another fable
Said I be right back, sugar
Jumped in the ride and called the dealer
Cuz there ain't nobody realer
When you need that sack, cracker
Give me four of the good stuff and free my soul
Give me three of the bad, I put the rest in my bowl
If I'm lyin', I'm flyin'
Get busy livin' or busy dyin'
I'm dizzy from Carolina
To Georgia the sun shinin'

Back in the hospital rainin' May
Don't worry 'bout me I'll be okay
Same ol' song, different day
Why do I even try?
Another 28 days I'll be goin' away
Don't worry 'bout me I'll be okay
Same ol' song, different day
Tell mama not to cry

Mainline the sky


You think I wanna be domesticated?
What am I? a cat?
You think that maybe you could just take a couple of
seconds off my back
You want to scream and cry
Can't you see that I'm tryin' real hard not to get
What you want me to die?

High, poison arrow
And you better look up 'cause you know I'm comin' down

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